1. guardrail dave

    rupp rear fender bracket

    shipped to you for$20
  2. bonanza mx rear bracket reproduction

    bonanza mx rear bracket reproduction

    bonanza mx rear bracket reproduction
  3. bonanza mx front bracket reproduction

    bonanza mx front bracket reproduction

    bonanza mx front bracket reproduction
  4. avmansnetnet

    Need Doodlebug disc rotor bracket

    Hello all, I need the bracket welded to the frame on right rear side of the older DB30. I'm putting front disc brakes on my Doodlebug and need to weld a bracket onto the front fork. I can pay cash or we can trade for a 1 pull good running 99cc stock engine. Maybe someone has a basket...
  5. Mac

    Unknown Bracket ?

    I was moving my Bandit parts around and found these two steel brackets underneath. They may not be for Bandits', just ended up tossed into the same box: . Two 5/16" holes 1-1/2" center to center, One Large 1-3/8" hole, and a 5/8" hole. . . . ....While you search for the answer, check out...
  6. mmisterbungl

    Tecumseh gas tank mounting bracket wanted

    I need one for an HS50. I assume an HS40 would fit it too, and possibly others. Looking for a black or graphite colored one, hopefully in good shape with little to no rust. I also need two oil fill will do, but two would be fantastic. Like this one....but i just need the main...
  7. will72rupp1

    WTB 1979 honda ct70 coil bracket

    i have a yellow 1979 honda ct70 i am looking for a 1979 honda ct70 coil mounting bracket part # 50197-126-720 or 0750539 .. i could use some other parts.. just let me know what you mite have for it?? i bought it in parts for $40.00 i have rebuilt the motor & i am trying too put it...
  8. K

    Heathkit Boonie Bike Light Bracket

    Does anyone have a picture of the headlight bracket on a boonie? I can't seem to find the one that was on it. Also, I think the hilltopper has the same bracket.
  9. T

    Broncco tailight and license plate bracket

    I found this Broncco taillight and license plate bracket in my shed that I didn't know I had. Lens is stamped CEV Made in Italy and is not craked. $22 shipped.
  10. B

    Chain Guard Bracket for Foremost Mini

    I am in need of a chain guard bracket for a Foremost Minibike it is 1960ish and is all original. I also need an original gas cap for the motor which is a Tecumseh 2.5 hp.
  11. george3

    Wanted tecumseh eng. Mounting bracket

    I need a Tecumseh engine bracket H50-H70. The one on the bottom that mounts the engine to the frame.
  12. 71dodge

    whats this bracket for?

    whats this bracket for i want to make sure it isnt somthing important i was going to cut it off so before i do what is it
  13. colrhino

    choke lever bracket

    okay, I asked this question once before, and someone sent me to a go-kart forum (where I found the bracket), but the guy isn't selling them anymore, so I am still looking for a method to hold the choke lever on (with the stock air box off), preferably a bracket of some sort..... any suggestions...
  14. F

    what is this bracket

    anyone know what this bracket is for on a fox doodle bug. it looks factory but not sure. i was thinking it might be for a disc brake, did they come with disc brakes? cant find a photo of one like it.
  15. A

    What is this bracket for? (Lil' Indian Sabre)

    I am piecing together a Lil' Indian Sabre and am curiousa what this bracket is for. It's on the RH side of the swingarm and had a cable feurrle and a switch on it. I am curious what the other two holes were for. Anyone have a picture of this area on a complete bike? The first picture is with the...
  16. P

    VT-5 Jackshaft Bracket

    Fellow Heald Enthusiasts; The attached diagram was drawn up by 64fairlane and shows the dimensions on a jackshaft bracket for a Heald VT-5...for you self fabricators.
  17. jeep2003

    Vintage 4" tire, rupp sprocket, tec tank bracket

    Iv got a 4.10/3.50-4 tire looks real old id keep it but someone may be looking for somthing original so i thought i put it out there. Says made in holland but no other indication of brand. One sidewall has a grove worn in it and some strange swirl marks. still looks structually sound. Also a...
  18. Sinner70

    Removed gas tank, bracket options?

    Just wondering what you guys are doing after you've moved the gas tank off your clones and used another tank mounted on the frame infront of the seat. I now have this ugly empty space on the bike and a nice place to put something. Just wondering what you guys have come up with. IE fake NOS...
  19. miked

    need rear brake assembly and bracket for ward 424

    need the rear brake ass. for montgomery ward 424 looks like a clutch brake have drum on rim just need the brake and bracket