1. E

    Doodlebug rear fender

    Anyone have a Doodlebug rear fender (preferably red) they want to part with?
  2. Daniel Coop

    O.d.b. Yup, another DB30S...

    Picked up this DB, to build for a friend who wanted one last year. It was a BARE roller, with forks that were chopped to shit. The wheelbarrow wheel was literally cut into the forks. Luckily I had a large stash of original and matching DB parts including a fork and front wheel, a seat...
  3. F

    Baja Racer (DB30S I think) max tire size

    I'm about to go pick up my first mini which I'm getting in trade for an old Honda pit bike engine. It's a lime green Baja Racer with a 3hp engine in it. I'm going to toss a Predator 212 in there at some point as I doubt very much the stock engine will move me with any speed whatsoever. I'm...
  4. T

    What size tires for a Doodlebug db30s?

    So i wasnt sure what section this would go in, but what size tires fit on the stock Doodlebug db30?
  5. Daniel Coop

    Oops, I did it again...Brought home another DB30S (New Project)

    Well, here I go again. Found this Doodlebug discarded. That's right...It was free 99! It had been crashed a little bit (front fender and right side handlebar) and it's puny 3HP motor is seized up and missing it's recoil starter. I was happy to put it next to my first finished full...
  6. tbird

    DB30s rear brake cable barrel

    I have a DB30s (Metal fenders) that I just picked up and the brake caliper and brake cable were messed up. I got a cable and caliper off a person on here and the barrel end that goes in the brake lever is smaller then the original barrel. He said he took it off of a DB30s just like the one I...
  7. tbird

    Wanted DB30s parts

    Looking for DB30s parts: Kickstand and spring Brake cable Brake caliper Rear chain guard If anyone has any of these items for sale please let me know. Tbirddipp@aol.con Thanks!
  8. Daniel Coop

    "Po' White Trash" stretched DB30s payoff test ride

    After a long build, I finally had the opportunity (time/weather) to break it out and bring it's Childish Concepts Racing built 5 bolt Grayhound clone to life and go for a quick test ride.
  9. D

    baja doodle bug 97cc DB30s ( help Needed)

    Hello to all, My name is DJ Need some help, first time dealing with a minibike and dont know much. I have a Doodle bug Baja 97cc, DB30s and its missing the complete rear tire. Have tried to make this a retirement project but dont even know were to start. i know this much from doing some...
  10. M

    DB30S /Predatpr Stage 1 question

    I have a 2006 Baja w/ a 212 Predator. Can I use a Stage 1 upgrade and still maintain use of the governor?
  11. R

    DB30S Seat problem (Bolts)

    Hello there. I have a db30s, and I have a problem with my seat one of my nuts in my seat came loose and came out of the seat. Now I cant bolt the seat down at the front. Is there any way I can get the bolt back in there and secured to mount the seat again? Thanks
  12. IJG

    Rear Chain guard for 2005 Baja Doodlebug db30s

    Baja Doodlebug DB30S chain guard.
  13. J


    Hi guy's New to this . Just looking at the db30s posts . No pics of my own at this time .will get them up soon
  14. L

    source for DB30S steering stem bearings...

    Hey guys, starting to buy replacement bits for my DB (currently at the powder coaters). I can't seem to locate a source for the steering bearings H.R.M.B.com doesn't stock them and OldMiniBikes was closed for phone calls, but I didn't see it on their site either any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. J

    HELP - Replacement for DB30S Rear wheel set up

    Ok, I'm hoping someone has had this challenge. I can't find a rear wheel for my kids DB30S -- serial number starts with the LUAH... What / How did anyone come up with a work around? Thank you in advance for your knowledge and advice. Jeff
  16. K

    Want new grips for my db30s

    Does anyone know if these grips will fit a db30s Grey Motocross Dirt Bike Aluminum 7 8" 22mm Handle Bar Gel Rubber Hand Grips | eBay
  17. D

    in need of fenders doodlebug db30s

    hi there im restoring a doodlebug db30s and am having trouble finding front and rear fenders for it that dont cost an arm and a leg any help would be great!
  18. deij707

    new to the mini bike world, just purchased db30s today!

    Hey everyone, im new to the mini bike world. just purchased a db30s in running condition today. plan to make it my new hobby, but im sure i will need help along the way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks. i scored this in great running condition for 200.00 bucks. Good deal?!
  19. M

    DB30S foot rest parts

    Hopefully this doesn't get moved but does anyone know where to locate the return spring for the foot rests? I cant seem to find them anywhere online. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andrew
  20. IJG

    Red Doodlebug DB30S Front end & Black Fender

    Front End is (Not) perfectly straight, please Make offers.