1. Not so mini bike

    Hs Taylor slant exhaust trade

    I need a Taylor exhaust for a hs50. I would love the kind with the slanted tip. Like they came on Ruttman I have a really nice chrome hs slant exhaust I want to trade.
  2. V

    Predator 212 Homemade Exhaust?

    I was thinking about making a homemade exhaust for my predator 212, and I was wondering if a metal conduit would be the right size to weld to the flange. If not, what size pipe would I need to have it fit correctly?
  3. Not so mini bike

    Chrome exhaust

    Good chrome exhaust. Think it is a fox but not positive. Could work on other bikes. $90 shipped
  4. stubbymonster

    Exhaust "Muffler" Needed...5hp Tecumseh

    Hello out there !!!!!!! I am in the in the beginning stages of restoring my Gilson minibike. The only part that I am missing is the exhaust muffler. I have other ones that will work,but not the correct one. Its the one were you can slip the full chrome exhaust pipe over. Please someone help me...
  5. Scottessey

    WANTED: Tec/Lauson downdraft carb, intake, shroud, and exhaust like this one

    Hey Fellas, I'm building a Lauson and I'm missing a few pieces to get it exact. Please let me know if you have any of the pieces I need to build this. I'm looking for the intake,carb,steel shroud, and also the exhaust. I don't need this tank. Thanks! :thumbsup:
  6. Ajf

    Bonanza cr500 exhaust pipe

    Looking for a bonanza cr500 chopper exhaust pipe. It's a low pipe for a hodaka. Cash or trade. Thanks.
  7. Ajf

    Early 1970 rupp roadster exhaust

    Has anyone actually seen a 1970 roadster or enduro with the single heat shield with the holes like the 69 performance exhaust instead of the slots like pictured in the early ads? I was wondering if this style was ever in production.i know some of the early bikes had differences and you can't...
  8. jeep4me

    Briggs Heavy Exhaust Nuts

    I have two original Briggs heavy gauge exhaust nuts for sale. Will fit on 3.5hp and smaller Briggs exhausts. Not all beat up, great condition. Pictures coming. Asking $5 each, shipped. PayPal only, as a friend.
  9. Not so mini bike

    Rupp exhaust pipe

    Came off of a 71' roadster. Is good shape. Should clean up great. Comes with bracket. $60 shipped to lower 48
  10. I

    Looking for Mini Bike Exhaust

    Hello I am looking for a Mini Bike exhaust just like the one in the picture. If someone is selling one or know were I can get one that would be great to know.
  11. Gadget Man

    Exhaust Wrap. Looks Great, but What a Mess.

    Well, since my first attempt at painting my header failed miserably,I decided to wrap it with that fiberglass exhaust wrap. I ordered the black wrap and the stainless steel zip-ties from E-bay for $16.00 with free shipping. Then I chemically stripped the old 500 degree high temp paint off and...
  12. Midyrman

    H50 Exhaust Connector Elbow Pipe and Support Bracket.

    Looking for the short elbow pipe that connects the block exhaust port to the long tube chrome exhaust pipe on a BC1400. Should I be looking at my local hardware store? Could also use the 2 piece bracket that supports the chrome exhaust pipe at the rear of the frame.
  13. V

    Cat Duster Chopper.. Anybody have a better pic of this exhaust?

    I know the duster chopper came with a different gas tank and Im pretty sure exhaust on the purple chopper. This is the only pic I could find with this gas tank and muffler. I already have the gas tank I just need to find a similar muffler. Any help would be awesome.
  14. J

    Murray Track 2 exhaust finally

    Been working on putting a Predator 212 on my Murray Track 2. Those who have done this know that the exhaust is a pain. I bought the do it yourself kit and another pipe from OldMiniBikes and neither was going to work. I don't have a welder and don't know any welders. CarPlayLB pointed me to...
  15. I

    Exhaust for my mini

    Hey there! I have a Coleman ct200u and it sounds like a freaking mouse squealing haha. But seriously it's quiet is there any loud sounding exhaust out There? I'd like a deep kind of sound but also loud. If you know any exhaust like this for sale please link them to me! Thank you so much!
  16. bikebudy

    Vintgage mini bike exhaust ??

    Auction # 181816499906
  17. Midyrman

    Exhaust System for BC 1400 with H50 Tec

    Looking for the short exhaust manifold, long exhaust pipe and the guard. System exists and runs on the left side of the bike, if that makes any difference relative to the 1300 with HS40 which runs down the right side I don't know. Thanks. Tom
  18. braaaaap

    Clinton A400 Exhaust Needed

    Looking for a stock exhaust or straight pipe or header or even just a flange for a Clinton A400 two stroke engine. Also looking for a stock piston and rings, and a stock air cleaner for it. Basically anything two stroke Clinton related, let me know what you have. BRAAAAAP
  19. JohnnyTillotson

    Slanted exhaust needed

    Does anyone have a slanted exhaust for this MTD so that I do not overheat my right testicle? Let talk. Thanks in advance. Yours, JT
  20. D

    Exhaust for a Side Popper

    So I have an h35 that I am putting on my new style DB for my son. However, I just realized the exhaust looks like it will be blowing right on his leg, and it might even be close enough to be in the way of his leg. Anybody make a decent exhaust pipe that exits the head and turns backwards? Is...