1. CarPlayLB

    Tecumseh wheelin' (flywheels!)

    I have three Tec flywheels. Paperweights for the Briggs boy here! The aluminum piece is $26.00 shipped, the cast iron for external top mount coil is $26.00 shipped, and the steel with plastic fins comes complete with points housing and everything featured at $30.00 shipped (shipping is for lower...
  2. R

    billet/aluminum flywheels

    several billet/aluminum flywheels for sale... Clements and ARC, primarily. ARC billet flathead 5-horse, brand new never used, $130 shipped. Unknown brand with bolt-on fan fastened, 5-3/4" size (3.5 horse size I believe?) $50 shipped. Clements Racing 5-3/4" with bolt-on fan not fastened...
  3. capguncowboy

    Flywheels - How much damage is too much damage?

    So, I've got a few different lighted flywheels and just about all of them have some level of damage. Some are just a few fins, and others are all of the fins. One of them is missing an entire fin. How dangerous is it to run these engines with busted flyhweels? I've heard some people say they...
  4. R

    performance flywheels

    does anybody know if they make performance light weight flywheels that can power a charge coil?
  5. vwmopar

    alternative h60 flywheels

    Is there any alternative flywheels for the h60? Can a flywheel from something else fit if the taper is recut? I'm looking for something lighter.
  6. B

    Billet flywheels

    Are all the billet flywheels light weight? What does the stock wheel weigh? In my (mud motor) application, I need a low rpm idle, under a load so I need a good heavy flywheel, more than I need quick throttle response. But I'd like to have one that can take some RPM's. Does anyone make a...
  7. I


    I have a 76 briggs with cast iron flywheel an another briggs same hp with an aluminum flywheel but it has teeth on back likd a starter or something drive an the cast iron one dont could i use the aluminum flywheel instead of the steel onean is there any benefits doing this the alumimum is...
  8. dw1973

    Are Tecumseh lighting flywheels the same for H25/H30/H35/H40?

    Wondering if they are the same for the 2.5 - 4hp engines. I have a lighting flywheel that has damaged fins from an H25. Anyone have a good one for sale?
  9. M


    So Ive been told to get a new flywheel for my predator 212. What I want to know is what do they do for my engine?
  10. M

    5 hp briggs flywheels

    2 5hp briggs flywheels no chipped fins good magnets . $17 each shipped or $22 for the set
  11. Clayon

    Wanted: Billet Connecting Rods and flywheels for 5hp Briggs FH

    I am looking for billet connecting rods and flywheels for 5hp Briggs flathead motors. Let me know what you have and how much you want. Doesn't matter is they are used as long as they are in good shape, and doesn't matter which brand, Hortsman or ARC. I have 3 Briggs motors I want to redo.
  12. S

    question about flywheels (all new to me)

    Hello I am new to engine mods and I am looking for some info.. Does anyone make a flywheel that can saftly spin faster than 3600 rpm but support magnets for a lighting coil. If so were can i find one. GX 200 Thanks sammy
  13. Fat Boy

    HM80 Flywheels

    Yesterday I got the Pig out and went for a ride in the 54 degree weather and when I got home I had a load of scrap iron on the edge of my driveway someone had left for me . There is two old black HM80 motors 12 volt start w/lighting coils and a Coleman generator w/HM100 [pull start] and a 3000...
  14. Ibanez616

    2 Stock Briggs 5hp Flywheels

    Not much to say about these. No broken fins, never been dropped. They came off of running engines and got replaced by Billet versions. $10 each + ship.
  15. leathernun666

    Gas tanks flywheels wheels ect.

    I have 2 big steel tanks off tillers, ect, and a steel H70 gas tank. Flywheels are Briggs. 5hp-3hp . The wheels I got off a Trail Horse frame, but I am not sure what they are for.. All the tanks are clean inside. Red tank -$40 Shipped Black Tank (needs a gas cap) -$30 shipped H70 Tank...
  16. R

    Raceseng / 340-390 Billet Flywheels

    We have been discussing production options for the new 340/390 Rev Wheels and we wanted to reach out to find out what you all would like to see in regards to an S1 (stage 1) & S2 (stage 2) option. Without question we will be producing the S2 (lightweight) version in both the finned and...
  17. O

    honda flywheels

    Is it true that gx160 flywheels keyway is offset to one in a 6.5 clone motor. I was told a 160 flywheel may advance the timing on a clone motor.
  18. Strigoi

    stock flywheels with fins... $10.50 shipped

    i've got the following stock flywheels that i don't need. they come with the plastic fins too. free + $10.50 for shipping, money order only. GX200 - SOLD 6.5 clone 5.5 clone
  19. Motra

    Flywheels Revisited

    My last post certainly wasn't to imply that I think it's OK to run your engine at higher than rated RPM without modification. I don't condone that at all. I haven't EVER disconnected the governor on any of my bikes. There are current posts on this board about modifying the governor in an unsafe...
  20. Motra


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