1. Speedway Frame - Top

    Speedway Frame - Top

  2. Speedway Frame - Serial No. Tag

    Speedway Frame - Serial No. Tag

  3. Speedway Frame - Right Side

    Speedway Frame - Right Side

  4. Speedway Frame - Left Side

    Speedway Frame - Left Side

  5. Speedway Frame - Front

    Speedway Frame - Front

  6. Speedway Frame - Back

    Speedway Frame - Back

  7. O

    Unknown Frame

    I got a frame (and an engine and some very beat wheels) in a trade recently. I've looked at some of the ads, but haven't found anything that's a match. Any ideas on what brand/model this might be, or if it's some sort of homebuild? It seems like apehangers aren't too common on the smaller...
  8. T

    What was it? Frame id

    Not sure what this is
  9. jimkemp

    Springer forks for a standard mini bike frame

    Put together a set of short springer forks for this little frame I had sitting in the corner of the shop , now I have a reason to finish this bike just so I can try out the forks , they make the wheel base about 4" longer than the stock forks that were on it
  10. markus

    late model POINTS steel flywheel for tecumseh small frame 3-5hp wanted

    Looking for a Late model points ignition steel flywheel. Part numbers I do have (but these may only apply to ones without starter rings) are 611024 and 611026 These were mostly used October 1980-around probably october-ish of 1985. They would be found on H30 H35 HS40 and HS50 engines and even...
  11. E

    what type/brand/model frame did I build on?

    hello everyone, this is my first post. when i was in middle school i got interested in mini bikes and when I was about 15 i bought a mini bike frame off ebay for cheap, I'm 21 now. I'm pretty sure they guy selling it stated it was a Nova frame but that was it... he didn't mention a specific...
  12. J

    vent holes in frame?

    I have welded up a lot of deck gates, truck racks etc. Always drill a small hole in the lowest part for moisture to drip out. Seen several metal handrails that didn't have them that formed water inside, froze and swelled up like a balloon to the point of splitting. I do live in Arizona but it is...
  13. S

    Boonie-Bike Frame Color

    Does anyone know of a close match to the original color on the Boonie-Bike frame? I've seen several that are close but not close enough. I still have enough color on it to possibly get a paint match but if I can find something pretty close that will work for me.
  14. CJdoodlebug90

    Baja warrior FRAME BRACING

    [I]I have a army green version of the baja warrior that i am turning into a quick little street cruiser. It has a mildly built 212cc with a tav. I can tell that frame is bending under torque and the i weigh 215lbs so thats more stress. I want to know where are good places to put gussets and...
  15. Savatage

    Savage story and frame question/poll

    I want to start this post by saying that I registered here a few years back, and never got around to posting. I appreciate all the knowledge on this forum, and I have been a longtime "lurker". I hope that this post is well recieved and my intentions/thoughts are understood. I appreciate all...
  16. N

    Looking for frame builder

    Before anyone says anything I am the proud owner of a DB-31 and a 1970's Lil' Indian chopper that I am rebuilding. Having said that I would like to find out who could build me a custom chopper frame for my large body frame, kinda like a dream chopper for a 265 lbs. ol' fart! I live in Canada...
  17. mlanzoni

    Predator engine in a 69 Rupp frame ??

    Hello all, has anyone ever put a 212 Predator engine in a 69 Rupp Frame ? How well does it fit, and what would I need to do for the throttle linkage ? I would like to run it using the Rupp original remote gas tank. Thank you in advance.:hammer:
  18. S

    What type of frame is this?

    I was given this Frame trying to figure out what kind of bike it is, it's missing the brackets for the swing arm and the jackshaft, not have the original Forks either
  19. C

    Frame id please

  20. S

    What frame is this?

    I am wondering what frame this is, as I am having trouble with the forks wobbling. They have no bearings.