1. G

    Shin San Tong Gemini Panther DB80

    Has anyone ever seen a San Tong DB80 Panther? It is similar to a Gemini Boss 80 but not the same, the engine is the same as a SST 80 or Boss 80, I have one in real nice shape, but don't know if it is what it says or not, I can't find any info on this model anywhere. I will be posting photo's soon.
  2. D

    Gemini Lot - minnesota

    Gemini Mini Bike Projects Rare Have Gemini mini bikes and parts includes a powder coat frame and painted tank and fenders plus a complete mini bike tons of parts $600 buys it Will not seperate Not my post. Just thought someone here might be interested.
  3. foxtrac

    Gemini Parts needed

    hi, looking for numerous parts for this 80cc Gemini, please pm me or let me know who has Gemini parts, thanks Mike engine and exhaust oil cover handle bars
  4. M

    Gemini Frame

    I have a Gemini frame ($150) Please see pictures and other minibikes I have for sale. I live south of Chicago
  5. CarPlayLB

    Gemini SST 50 forks and brake housing

    I am restoring a Super Taco T100 and they shared the same forks as a Gemini. My lowers are rusted in place. I need complete forks if you have them. Also, the brake hub is different than what I have. I need the brake hub (the piece that holds the shoes) that has the cable stay built into the hub...
  6. J

    Gemini SST80 1971 with 52 miles

    Gemini SST80 with only 52 miles on odometer. Yes, this is a true survivor that is all original not restored. Bike runs and looks like new. Tank and front fender do have a few blemishes. $2,100.00 Pick Up only in Westchester NY
  7. Ding Ding

    Gemini update & SSScat

    Hey fellas. Been a while. Thought I'd share an update on the Gemini. I found the perfect size vintage checkered handlebar pad for it on ebay(I think it was the only one left in the world, and it was like 8 bucks!) and I put on an old number 5 decal I had from my bmx days. I think it completed...
  8. J

    GEMINI SST80 Owners Manual Wanted

    Looking to purchase brochures, manuals and / or magazines containing tests on the Gemini SST80. Also looking for an original tool kit. Thanks
  9. J

    GEMINI SST80 Owners Manual Wanted

    Looking to purchase brochures, manuals and / or magazines containing tests on the Gemini SST80. Also looking for an original tool kit. Thanks
  10. J

    Gemini Mini Bikes - What Magazine?

    Does anyone know of any magazines or books that feature and or did tests on the Gemini Mini Bikes? I'm mainly interested in in the SST80 and SST50. Also, where does one get parts for these bikes, other than ebay. Anyone help will be truly appreciated. Thanks
  11. B

    Sst Gemini 50

    Hi there I just picked up a sst Gemini 50 running for a decent price. I need a couple parts and have researched to find the guy at Gemini. Bike has next to no rust cept surface rust, it runs and drives but the tranny needs adjusting. I look forward to using this forum while I slowly restore. I...
  12. P

    Gemini Shift mechanism

    I'm having trouble on a 1973(?) Gemini 80. Looks like someone ran it while the shift mechanism loosened up. The stopper pin that connects with the cam plate is gone, But my real problem is how to get the return spring back onto the shift lever. The previous owner disassembled it so I'm not...
  13. tbird

    Gemini Scrambler on CL

    Has anyone seen this craigslist add yet: gemini scrambler vintage mini bike/motorcycle
  14. pomfish

    Gemini SST 80 parts

    I got this as you see it, so I am no help as to the engines overall internal condition, I can only tell you what I see and feel. If you need other pictures, please PM me. Need a part not listed yet, PM as well. The piston ring looks to me as if it is more close around the piston than it...
  15. gr1ffn

    Gemini owner in new Zealand

    Hi all, I'm a new member and have a 49cc gemini. I'm keen to increase the capacity to give it more go. Does anyone know what piston/barrel/head combo will bolt straight up? I believe the engine is a copy of the Yamaha YJ1 49CC, 2 stroke, rotary valve engine. Any help greatly appreciated.
  16. pomfish

    Gemini worth $6000 restored

    This guy is smokin' some good stuff! RARE 1970's Gemini Scrambler mini bike
  17. J

    Barn Find Gemini

    I found this in a barn while at a family reunion in the midwest; and bought it as a restoration project to do with my grandson. Couldn't bring it back home with me since I flew up there; now I just need to get it to Arizona sometime.
  18. M

    Gemini SST50 for sale

    I have a pretty darn good Gemini SST50 up for sale. Starts easily and shifts through all the gears beautifully. I was expecting a much better response when I had it up for sale on Ebay. Was asking $1000 but would offer to members for less than that $750? Pick up would have to arranged or...
  19. pomfish

    Gemini Engine and parts

    I don't know if is for 50cc or 80 or what? If this is the wrong section to post unknown engine, please LMK or switch it to where it should be. Looks like the carb,oil pump, kick starter and both cases are on it, but missing shifter. Also, cool thing is the original cable with the choke and...
  20. Rupp Riders

    Rupp Riders

    We came with 7 and left with 9......