1. demo9339

    Gemini SST 80 Brake lever

    I'm looking for a rear brake lever for my SST 80 I just bought
  2. demo9339

    Gear Pattern on Gemini SST 80

    of does anyone know the gear pattern on this bike. I was told in neutral you go down for 1st, up for 2nd and down for 3rd and 4th. any clues. :hammer:
  3. E

    Gemini SST 80

    Just found a Gemini sst 80, but is missing the 2 side covers, left side is round and chrome, and right side covers up the carb area...Can any one help. Thanks
  4. nectarsis

    Gemini sst 80 in Minneapolis

    early 70's gemini sst 80 mini bike (not mine) Cool color, and could be a steal.
  5. mc73cromags

    Gemini minibike frame

    Gemini minibike frame and forks, seat and gas tank $40 plus shipping. Smithtown NY
  6. helix95

    Gemini SST80

    Sorry I am new paying member and didnt read instructions for posting.I hope this is the right spot.I was wondering if anyone knows how to date a Gemini SST80 I have two that I made one complete one out of and the serial # is M8-02191. VMX magazine states 10,000 units were made from 69 to 73. Any...
  7. R

    SST Gemini 50 fork boots

    Does anyone know what fork boots will fit this bike. Tried Z50 with no luck. Will the Z50 handlebar knobs fit the sst?
  8. aarron

    Gemini SST 50

    A buddy of mine needs a tank for his Gemini SST 50. Anybody have one they can part with? Thanks!
  9. M

    Gemini Mini Bike

    Hi all, locally a fellow has a Gemini for sale it has the 2 stroke engine, it is not running the head is off the engine and the ignition is all dissembled as is most of the electrical wiring (this is what I learned from the owner) he bought it that way and has given up on it. My question is are...
  10. D

    Gemini Scrambler? SST? Maverick?

    Just bought this bike. It looks a lot like the SST 50cc I had as a kid but may be closer to a Maverick. However, it has "Scrambler" on the tank? I didn't know any of the Scramblers had this type of engine. I think it is a 1970 based on the number on the engine. Can anyone fill in the blanks...
  11. F

    Gemini Scrambler

    Hello I am looking for help with a Gemini Scrambler that needs lots of parts.My friend rode this bike when he was a kid.He wants his son to ride it next year. Can anyone help with parts breakdown of the bike and any parts venders for Gemini. If you have any pictures of your bike that...
  12. helix95

    gemini sst 80

    Hello does anyone know how to contact "gemini Steve" thanks looking for gemini parts
  13. helix95

    gemini sst80 parts wanted

    Hello looking for gemini sst80 parts. I need the exhaust ,rubber boots for intake and air cleaner,right side cover,tail light lens,and oil tank cap.I have some gemini 50 parts that I dont need.Thanks
  14. helix95

    sst gemini 80

    Hello all. I am working on a sst 80 gemini and was wondering if any one knows if any parts are still around for these? I need the rubber boots to the intake side cover and air filter.Also looking for exhaust and few small items. Thanks. Darren
  15. V

    Gemini Value

    I have 2 geminis and am wondering what they are worth? i believe they are 80cc but they may be 50cc.
  16. M

    Gemini found

    Is a gemini worth the time to restore? It is missing both wheels and engine cover
  17. markus

    Gemini Srambler/Auranthetic fenders

    pair of front and rear fenders that are off An auranthetic Charger, and Gemini Scrambler bike. There were a few other bikes too I belived that used these fender as the bike was a sort of generic setup made in taiwan Fenders are straight, chrome is shiney, but there is some flaking and...
  18. S

    Transmission help gemini

    hi i have recently just acquired a Gemini SST 50cc. the motor runs fine but i am having problems when it come to the gears. the clutch works and also 1st and 4th gear work but it is not engaging 2nd and 3rd. occasionally it does go into them but not often. there is grinding when trying to find...
  19. 6

    cool original Gemini SST literature

    pm if interested $30 shipped VMX magazine with the Gemini sst story & pics 2 dealer cards 50cc & 80cc Gemini poster magazine advertisement with hottie
  20. E

    Paint choice for a Gemini SST 80 paint project

    Hi, I just got a nice Gemini SST 80cc I am working on. It runs well and is in great condition, just needs a good paint job. Anyone know the paint codes or color names on the original Gemini minibikes. Mine is green. Also do you have preferences for particular paints that are durable and...