1. M

    Gemini tank badge

    Looking fir a plastic tank badge to suit Gemini 50 SST.
  2. teltech2020

    71 gemini

    I'm down in Ocala on a business trip and thought I'd check out the local CL to see what they have to offer down here. If I had some extra time and wasn't driving a tiny little Fiat rental I'd have to try to make a deal for this one. vintage minibike
  3. W

    Gemini SST - new to me

    I picked up a Gemini 50SST with an 80cc Boss motor in it today. It's a little rough but not bad for a 40+ year old bike. It leaks a bit of tranny oil and the clutch slips a bit but should be a fun little project. I race an E30 BMW and though this would make a fun little pit bike. One I figure...
  4. mford


    My next project, I already got the engine running, I plan to fully restore it.
  5. catfishman


    60'S-70'S 50CC MINI TRAIL
  6. N

    Maverick sst, gemini

    I recently won bid for a maverick , the engine side covers are missing, does anyone know where i can find any both sides are missing, i can't finish a restore without them, i had a maverick as a kid, brings back a lot of memories
  7. M

    Gemini 50 sst

    Hi all I have been looking for ages and finally found my childhood bike. A Gemini 50 sst. I am looking forward to being a part of your forum. The bike I have bought is purple. The bike I had when I was amid was orange. I am going to resort the tank and guards and was wondering ifvthepurple...
  8. Geoffro

    WTB Airbox for Gemini SST 50

    Hi guys, Just stumbled across this forum this morning, very impressive, with lots of knowledge!! I am chasing a complete airbox for a Gemini SST50 and also chasing a set of tyres for it.... These bikes are very rare here in Australia, and im struggling to find bits for it here, Can...
  9. C

    Gemini Sst

    Almost ready to fire up my Gemini Set 50cc. Looking for a petcock. Any help appreciated.
  10. Mark G

    Gemini Roller...Not a Rupp!!!!

    A diamond in the rough. nice straight frame, good wheels with brand new bearings($40 bucks worth of Japanese bearings, no Chinese junk:thumbsup:) original seat is under the duct tape. Gas tank has a few dents but is good on the inside. $125 pick up only or I can deliver to the fall...
  11. aprophet2

    Gemini Maverick 50 cc - Manual needed

    Does anyone have an electronic copy of the Gemini manual (owners, parts or service). I just picked one of these bikes up and could use all the help I can get! Thanks...
  12. minirider22

    gemini sst b-2 so i think it is

    i just pick up a gemini sst b-2 mini bike frame so i think it is. the handle bars will need to sand blasted or replace same with the forks. it is miss the rear sway bar i was wondering if i could use a rupp tt500 sway bar?
  13. R

    Gemini Puma

    Picked this up last year in a lot of parts and SST Gemini mini bikes. Brand new never been assembled Gemini Puma.
  14. L

    gemini puma vintage class

  15. G

    Gemini 50

    2 questions regarding a Gemini sst 50, anyone know the following... 1- How does the botom chrome part of the front forks separate from the top painted part? 2- How does the rotary valve disc come off the crankshaft?
  16. justo

    gemini sst 50 parts

    Does anybody have sst 50/gemini parts for sale?
  17. cheezy1

    Gemini full roller

    Gemini full roller for sale. Have everything except motor and belt cover. I also have a NOS gas cap, exhaust system, pegs, and misc. This was an original HS-50 bike...but I traded the motor off by It is located in Detroit, Michigan for pick up only at this time. The chrome on the...
  18. S

    Misc. Gemini SST parts

    I have a few misc. parts for a Gemini SST, I think it was a 50cc model. I need Rupp Banchi parts and a 2.5 hp Tec. Skipjaz
  19. M

    1970's Gemini SST 80 minibike

    I believe I have a 1973 gemini sst 80 that is mostly complete. Unsure of the year but they were made from 69 -73. It is missing a few parts but For the most part it is complete. This will be for parts or let me know if i need to put it in the parts section... The...
  20. Gemini