1. Np02

    Help identify??

    About 2 years ago I bought a mini bike to mess around with and had zero knowledge about them going in. I bought a "Ruttman mini-bike" on the higher priced side as I wanted something in better condition and wouldn't require much maintenance. I've recently have been wanting to give it an upgrade...
  2. S

    Need help to identify

    there are 2 of them. it looks like they were modified because of the slight difference in the 2. they have front and rear drum brakes..
  3. Z

    Can someone help me identify the model/year of this please

    Hello folks, first time on these forums. I am new to this but I can see the addiction to working on these projects already growing! So short version is a guy cut me off yesterday pulling out of AutoZone and I see a minibike on his trailer, trailer is just full of random stuff so I figured he...
  4. Crazy Karl

    Plz Identify my mini!

    I just picked this roller up for $50 and would like to know what it is! Any help is appreciated.
  5. drenchedgremlin

    Have a couple bikes & wheels to identify.

    I picked these up today from someone i was buying a motor off of. for $100 he threw in these two bikes plus an extra 3hp briggs & a baja motor(lol). Im not real excited about the chopper looking frame because it has a bunch of welds & bends but i coulnt turn down the deal because got plenty of...
  6. Rustygold

    Identify this old kart

    It has been hacked on and is rough from sinking in the ground where it was when I found it but any ideas ?
  7. Roadsterpu

    Help Identify this small Minibike.

    Can anyone tell me what this is? It looks home made or at least a modified frame to be smaller.

    Help Identify This Tool

    I have no clue but sure would like to know. Some form of special purpose pliers is all I can add except that they are 6 1/2'' long. Thanks, Doug
  9. jboonie

    Pleas help me identify this go kart

    this is not mine but I have the same one and I have been trying to figure out what make kart this is for the past 15 year's pleas help! Thanks in advance
  10. C

    Anyone able to identify this frame?

    So my buddy contacted me about a mini bike his aunt had that was going to the dump and asked if I wanted it... I of course jumped on the opportunity and he delivered me this enigma. It looks to have had stickers on the engine at some point (I assume denoting make and model) but are mostly gone...
  11. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Something Different to Identify

    Pulled this clutch off of a 1974 Briggs. It is two piece and appears to have steel shoes. No manufacturer ID but stamped rev limit of 4080. Appears to be fully functional with not much rust. I did find an old thread about two piece clutches, but I'm not sure what this is.
  12. B

    Help identify trike please.

    I just got this trike frame from a buddy that has had it in his barn for many years. He knows nothing about what it is. I am hoping to restore this, but have not had much luck finding information on it. I am new to trikes and would appreciate any help with information, specs, etc. Thank You
  13. Gustavo

    Help Identify This Mini Bike

    Need help Buddy is trying to restore this bike he had as a kid Came with Tecumseh two stroke and torque Convertor
  14. patrick2260

    Can anyone identify the fork by what you see here ?

    And hopefully the fork and rest of bike belong together. I can't read what it says. Thanks ! 2016080795102201_zps9hmizi1l.jpg Photo by pat_marshall1 | Photobucket
  15. T

    Can anyone identify this 12 year old kart?

    I'm working with limited pictures here but it's 12 years old. It needs an axle, hubs, brakes
  16. O


    Anyone know what year and brand this is and what would be a good price thinking of picking up
  17. james ackerman

    Help identify this kart please.

  18. J

    Can anyone please help identify this bike?

    Picked this up at a yard sale today along with a vintage go-cart frame, but can't identify the make/model. Seller couldn't tell me much about it except that its been sitting in his garage for 30+ years. Told me he bought it used for his kids sometime in the 1980's. The front fork does have...
  19. leafvillage

    Please help identify this mini bike frame iv'e had for years, thanks

    Can you please help me identify my mini bike frame I have had for years.