1. J

    I found a company that sells leading link mini bike forks.

    Find Steen’s Taco style reproduction Trail Tamer mini bike forks LEADING LINK! motorcycle in Chatsworth, California, US, for US $150.00 Thought some of you might like the link!
  2. Possom point

    212 Hemi Governor link....

    Hey guys I worked on another Murray Track 2 today and put a 22mm "chikuni" on it, after disconnecting all the springs and linkages, how do I or what can I reattach the governor arm linkage to so my engine won't blow up???? It may be a simple fix or a dumb question but i can't figure it out...
  3. C

    raptor 2 weak link

    Hi, everyone. I just recieved my NOS Raptor2 from a fellow member(thanks lil digger) and I am like a kid at Christmas. I have read that the rod is a weak point in the motor, as it is ungoverened . Is a billit rod and better bolts advised? I'm not going to be racing but you know how a guys wrist...
  4. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Link to Briggs L-Head Service Manual and all other Briggs Manuals

    This links to the contemporary L-Head (Flathead) service manual. You can download it from here (all 300+ pages). L-Head Manual: Link to DIY GoKarts compendium of all Briggs Manuals: Online Service Manual Resource - DIY Go Kart Forum
  5. JohnnyTillotson

    H60 Gov arm too far away for link

    Trying to set up my big block throttle brackets and i notice this engines governor arm doesnt swing anywhere close to what it should in order to connect a throttle link. Below is the maximum in each direction. Is this just a case of removing the arm and reinstalling in a better position or is...
  6. C

    Link to Tech. carbs

    I found this on the may help someone Tecumseh Carburetor parts, diagram, manual, troubleshoot guide | Tecumseh Carburetor Guide
  7. capguncowboy

    Tecumseh 30206 (H50 Throttle link) and Tecumseh 31879 (Governor Link)

    I need 2 Tecumseh 30206 linkages and 1 Tecumseh 31879 linkage. It doesn't have to be original. I'd settle for something that looks and functions correctly. I could also use a couple of the springs from the cable to the first linkage (Tecumseh 30202) It would be a plus if you could get it to me...
  8. Midyrman

    EK Space Chain / Offset Link?

    Has anyone been confronted with the need for an offset link for EK Sliver #35 space chain? OldMiniBikes doesn't have one. Thanks. Tom
  9. braaaaap

    EK chain: where can I get one single link?

    I am putting an EK high tensile chain on my Trail Horse and, of course, I am one link short with the engine all the way back in it's slots. Does anybody know of a place I can order a single link? I've been searching and searching with little luck. BRAAAAAP
  10. Acolytus

    Fox Spoiler Chain Problem!

    Well my chain of my Fox Spoiler slipped once again yesterday, but this time the chain is too tight for me to move it back on the jackshaft sprocket. I have found the master link on the chain, but I'm too afraid to try and get it off because I don't want to break anything. Is there a proper way...
  11. M

    Leading Link Forks on Craigslist

    I don't know what these forks are for but I thought I'd post this link for someone looking for them. Not mine and no interest by me. Just wanting to help. Mike Cates, Ca. (760) 473-6201 Minibike/Scooter/Trike Front End
  12. O

    Arco cl

    Not sure if its all original because I dont know jack about this particular model but heres the link and pic. vintage 70's alexsander reynalds minibike like new cond
  13. Shawnster

    How do I become a supprting member?

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone could post the link to become a supporting member. I've looked but cannot find it. Thanks, Shawn
  14. RCGuy

    Mini Bike riding Saranac, MI. 6-6 & 6-7

    I have access to a 250 acre farm in Saranac. It is also an R/c airplane and car park. Big plane event this weekend, I will be there Sat & Sun. Here is a link to the FB page. All minibikes are welcome, pm me for details. Mark
  15. S

    rod length

    I have searched till my brain hurts and i cant find a step by step video on how to measure for rod length. Does anyone have a link my motor is the hemi predator. Thanks in advance.
  16. xr7gt

    Kawasaki MT1 Parnelli Jones

    I posted an ad looking for mini bikes and parts on a local website. Got a text yesterday about a Kawasaki that was just sitting in the guys garage. Today I arranged to see it and asked him what size it was he said 75. I said must be a kx he sent me a link to an auction on ebay for a cable for a...
  17. G

    DB30 Chain Keeps popping off

    Does anyone know where I can buy a spring loaded chain tensioner? Or am I better off taking a link out of the chain?
  18. bikerboybenny8

    Predator 79cc Linkage???!

    Has anyone ever had one of these engines on their bikes?? Just bought two of them for my younger cousins bikes.. Stuck on the throttle linkage.. im sure ill find a way to link it up, just looking for tips/hints/tricks!!! Thanks for any feedback!
  19. JohnnyTillotson

    Cheng Shin 14 x 6 Tire

    Need a 14 x 6 Chen Shin tire for the rear wheel of a Stellar Black Beauty. Even a link to a site that has them would be appreciated.
  20. aranhawaii

    Throttle Assembly 7/8"

    Wanted this part from OldMiniBikes Warehouse, but it's out of stock. Throttle Assembly Single Cable If you have this and would sell it to me, or have a link to another site that sells it, let me know. Thanks!