1. Possom point

    2 Baja mini bikes in Maryland

    $275 for the both. Looks like a good deal for someone in Hollywood Maryland
  2. W

    What sprocket and ratio should I go for on my first mini bike?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at building my first mini bike and I'm not sure what sprocket size to put on and what ratio I should go for. It's going to be a lightweight fat tire bike similar to the one jeep2003 built. I'll be using on muddy/ hilly terrain. This is what I'm thinking so far...
  3. RobertC

    What is the mini bike correct carburetor for my HS40 ?

    Hello Folks, I am not finding the original carburetor that my hs40 had on it before someone replaced it with a 'bulb' primer model....:doah: I see all sorts of stuff out there available for hs40's, I just don't know how to determine which would be best for mini bike application. What is the...
  4. A

    Mini bike decals

    I am looking for fork and chain guard decals for a Bird mini bike...any suggestions would be appreciated!
  5. rubenski

    2 taco 44 mini bikes

    1968 taco mini bikes must have been bought together serial numbers are 1 number apart not in bad shape still purple under surface rust 1100 obo
  6. L

    Mini ID? (no pictures yet)

    I am trying to figure out what make/model a rolling mini bike is. It has a couple of distinct features that after having dozens of mini's in my life (62yrs) you would think I would know by now. The upper frame tubes that the seat sits on extends past the front fork neck tube, like an early...
  7. Valocalrep

    Camping with Mini Bikes??

    So im trying to get my brother and a few friends to pack up for a weekend at the end of the summer and go off camping. We mainly want somewhere that we can fish and ride mini bikes. I know most of the guys and gals on here have been around and traveled. Does anyone know some where near Virginia...
  8. scootercat

    Mini Bike Magazines

    Here is an updated list of Magazines for sale,MiniBikeGuide; AUG. '70,FEB.'71,MARCH.'71,MAY '71,JUNE'71(w/cover),JULY'71(Last three has "Tweaking the Teke"tech article)....MiniCycle;FEB.'71,JUNE'71,MAR.'72,MAY'72,JUNE'72(w/cover)JULY'72,AUG.'72,SEPT.'72(w/cover),OCT.'72,and JULY'73....ALL $40.00...
  9. olddog

    North Jersey - Mini Bikes

    ARCO Mini Bikes
  10. P

    New guy ready to buy mini bike kit

    Hi guys: I just got in to go karts now I want to build an old school mini bike from both old and new parts. I have engine and wheels and other parts already. Need to choose frame. What do you suggest ? I like El lobo more than a Azusa. I know the site is about old mini's but old...
  11. Rupp Dart

    Rupp Dart

  12. ugmold

    Vintage mini bike David Bradley tractor body

    Not mine, just saw it on CL.
  13. J

    Just got my second baja, the Mini Baja, is this stock or modified?

    Just traded in to this Baja Mini. So far it definitely needs new grips, throttle, possibly a tire, seat(broken bracket), and a thorough cleaning. Headlight is missing and I haven't looked in to it far enough to see if the wiring is still there for it. Has some kind of 6.5HP from the looks...
  14. Hawaii5077

    Can anyone recommend replacement Azusa mini bike brakes?

    Can anyone recommend replacement Azusa mini bike brakes?
  15. Rupp Dart

    Rupp Dart

    Rupp Dart seat
  16. Rupp Dart

    Rupp Dart

    Rupp Dart seat
  17. Rupp Dart

    Rupp Dart

    Rupp Dart seat
  18. scootercat

    Mini Bike Guide Mag

    SEPTEMBER 1969 COVER LOOSE $40.00 USPS PayPal....
  19. B

    Sunday May 21st L.I. Mini bike show & swap meet.

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet next show is set for Sunday May 21st from 9a.m. to 3p.m. BUY - SELL - SWAP - SHOW Vintage mini bikes, go karts, trikes and parts for sale and swap. Sorry No dirt bikes, quads or ATVs permitted. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the event in March...
  20. B

    Shriner mini bike, what is it?

    Hey folks, I picked this up as a project so I could ride it in the parade with my Shrine club. Everything is going well except I have no idea what brand it is or any thing else about it for that matter. Any information would be great. Thanks, Brew