1. mini one

    Lebanon CT Mini Bike Throw Down 7-8-17

    Didn't see this here yet so I thought I would repost, not my event so I don't know if Hoss will be there, looks like a great time. There's more info on the web. Murdercycles Rodeo Weekend. 122 Mack Road, Lebanon, CT, United States
  2. B

    Deckson Mini Bike parts

    Hey all im currently in the process of putting together a Deckson Daredevil mini bike and the current handlebars are stuffed as the previous owner had welded them directly to the forks I was wondering if anyone in Australia or possibly New Zealand would have any old forks that suit these bikes...
  3. F

    WANTED: Beat up but functional Mini of any make. $200ish

    I was set to pick up my first mini this weekend, but the guy sold it to a friend instead. I don't have a lot of money, so sniping craigslist has been my only recourse aside from the occasional Facebook Marketplace posting. No luck their either. I was set to pick up a Baja Racer with a busted...
  4. capguncowboy

    Vintage Mini Bike racing footage (music video)

    A buddy of mine sent me this a while back. Its pretty awesome. Not a fan of the music, but the video is great. Enjoy!
  5. S

    Mini Clown bike for sale

    Similar to one shown. Operates ok, but would need restored if planning to show, or re-sell. Can send actual pics if needed.
  6. Rupp Scrambler

    Rupp Scrambler

    Rupp Scrambler
  7. B

    Help getting a mini bike from Cleveland to Windber.

    Hello, Does anyone who is going to Windber live near Cleveland or Sandusky Ohio and be willing to pick up a mini bike and bring to Windber for me? Willing to pay if someone has the room for it. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  8. Acolytus

    Suzuki Trail Hopper CL find

    So currently visiting Detroit at the moment and came across these on CL: I have heard of these before and I know nothing about them. Is this a great deal or are they junk?
  9. Studeman68

    Ride for a Mini from Windber?

    Hi, I've purchased a small Mini from another member here (Slywilliez) who is willing to bring it to Windber. Wondering if anyone may be willing to let it tag a ride back toward SE Michigan, or I could meet in Toledo area of Ohio? Willing to pay to have it brought back.. Please let me know if...
  10. Jaybchill7

    Sears mini bike

    Hello all. I'm new to all this with the mini bikes. Me and my dad back in the day tried to put one together. Now that I'm all grown up I want to start on a project bike with my 4 kids. I have three many bikes this one is one of the better ones with the wheels already on it. I don't know much...
  11. BBQJOE

    Another Mini bike ride video, Great music.

    Grab a brew, take in the view!
  12. A

    what is this mini bike

    anyone know what brand it is? or year?i've looked, i have not found a serial number yet. (the only pic i have on me) its got a 49cc in it. front and rear disc brakes.

    Mini bike of the month question

    Do the bikes need to be submitted specifically for this or are they bikes that already pre exist on this site? . I'm sorry I just kind of forgot how this worked . I personally think (as if my opinion matters lol) that minibike of the month should be selected by the staff at OldMiniBikes with no input...
  14. ugmold

    Skat Kitty Mini Bike

    Look at this baby, Skat Kitty Mini Bike Rare Early Model 4" Wheel Scat Skat Kitty Mini Bike Barn Find! Doodlebug
  15. 1

    Polaris Trail Tractor Mini Bike

    Wanted: Polaris Trail Tractor Mini Bike
  16. slywilliez

    WANTED mickey thompson mini bike badge

    Looking for an original or repo of a mickey thompson mini bike badge. They say "mickey" bike on it.
  17. Raskin

    a mini bike of the automotive world

    back to watching these again lately..if you like 2 strokes give a listen..:001_cool: ..
  18. wild Pete

    What is this old mini bike

    I bought this thing today. From the looks of it might be blue in color originally. It has a rear fuel tank mount and a swing arm. Check photos and let me know. Thanks in advance !!!! Wild Pete
  19. G

    My First Mini Bike Project

    Well my dad had this Murray Track 2 sitting in his shed that is falling apart. I asked home if I could have it and he said yes. So I brought it back to my house and starting tearing it apart. Tomorrow I begin prepping the frame for paint. Going with flat black. I have not...
  20. james ackerman

    WTB - Mini Bike Guide issue from February 1971.

    I would like to find this issue or atleast be able to get a copy of an article that was done on a central cycle supply charger.