1. Biffmini

    WTB Montgomery Ward rear fender!!!

    I need a good Rear fender for restoration project, front & rear fender are the same:helpsmilie: Please & thanks for looking!
  2. gumpit

    Anybody selling a Montgomery Ward T555?

    Got one or know of one on your local Craigslist?
  3. Txpete

    Montgomery Wards/Gilson headlight taillight

    Looking for headlight and taillight for Gilson montgomery wards mini. Thanks. pete
  4. Txpete

    Montgomery wards brake drum

    I'm in need of a low wear brake drum 4 1/2 " for a Gilson made Montgomery Wards mini bike. Thanks
  5. Txpete

    Need Montgomery wards brake drum and band

    Looking for one in good shape with thickness left on brake band pad.
  6. Txpete

    Looking for a Montgomery ward/or Gilson clutch cover

    Need a clutch cover/guard for the Montgomery wards mini I am restoring or one from a Gilson. Fingers crossed here thanks
  7. Txpete

    Montgomery wards 424 fork springs

    Any way to take off/apart the front forks on a 1960s Montgomery wards 424 to replace the springs ... Without cutting the welds. Novice restorer here lol. Thanks for all your help. Pete
  8. Txpete

    Brake drum and strafe for Montgomery wards 424

    Please help me finish my first mini bike restoration. I need a brake drum and non warn Mine is down or rivots) brake band. Also need e clutch cover. I have the bracket it hangs onto. I will pay and buy promptly if you can help me out. Love this site. Pete
  9. Abit1322

    Montgomery Ward VT525

    Montgomery Ward VT525 with predator motor 212cc. Runs and rides great. No governor of course. Everything works. $400.00 OBO. I will take a trade too. Shoot me what you got and we'll go from there.
  10. Roadmaster75

    Montgomery Wards ZCQ-13995B / CESTAD Find

    Thought I'd start a thread on the trike I got recently. Although it resembles the "T555" MW trike (ZCQ-13395A) it is not! This one has a Tecumseh 8HP (HM80) with lighting coil. It appears to have been very well taken care of. The front fender is undamaged & has the original mudflap. The...
  11. JimmyC

    Montgomery Ward 525

    Other Makes Montgomery Ward Mini Bike 5HP Tecumseh Minibike | eBay
  12. J

    Montgomery Ward Mini Trike

    Picked this up just last weekend. It has a Kohler K2951T motor and pops and runs with a prime. Continues to run with a little squirt of mix, but won't go on its own. I have only taken off the fuel lines and the "bowl" of the carb and the idle inlet. The bottom line had the ethanol globs and...
  13. Z

    New guy here w/ Baja DB & Montgomery Ward!

    Hey guys. Ive been wanting a mini bike for a while now. I ran across an ad on CL the other day and gave the guy a call. I thought it was a fair deal so I went and got them. One is a little Baja Doodle Bug & the other is a Montgomery Ward?? I just wanted to show you guys the new toys and get your...
  14. R

    Chris Rummels' 1971 Montgomery Wards 525 project

    Hi all, just finishing up my Mini bike project that I did over the winter. I found a mini bike roller on craigs list back in January after looking for a cheap mini bike for my son. I live near Baltimore so I found a roller all the way down near Salisbury on the eastern shore for $50. I...
  15. oldsledz

    Montgomery Wards

    Montgomery Wards bike 4 hp Tecumseh big block engine no spark. As you can see the forks are bent could be a easy fix if you don't mind not having working springs. Back wheel is not original. I have a clutch , chain and seat that needs covered that will come with the bike. 150.00...
  16. J

    Montgomery Wards 525 Cutch/Chain Guard needed!

    I have a Montgomery Wards 525 that's missing the Clutch/Chain guard, anyone have an extra one for sale?
  17. J

    Wanted: Montgomery Wards 525 Clutch/chain Guard

    Have a Montgomery Wards 525 that's missing the clutch/chain guard, anyone have an extra one for sale?
  18. S

    Montgomery Wards Information

    Hi I am new to the site and would like to find some information on a Montgomery Wards Mini-Bike. I purchased the mini at a swap meet with some parts missing if I could get some pictures as to how the rear swing arm attaches to the main frame any help would be appreciated. Thanks for now SCM
  19. T

    New guy with a Montgomery

    i'm 17, and was willed an old Montgomery ward mini a few years ago. I have essentially no knowledge on this kinda stuff but Im eager to learn and that's what led me to this forum. a few things on the bike it has no suspension on the front or back, maybe someone on here could give me a little...
  20. Truckasaurus44

    Lil Indian and Montgomery Wards Bike

    OK, I've got one Runner and one Roller w/ motor for sale: 1) Project Monkey Warts: Here's the build post from when I first built it. Its pretty much the same now. It runs, rides and stops great. Great rider or a...