1. N

    Kenda Road Go Tires

    Has anyone used the Kenda Road Go K572 tire. Want to try it on my baja warrior. Any opions and pics. Thanks
  2. Thad

    1964 Rupp help me get it on the road!

    Trying to get my 1964 Rupp street legal again. Trying to figure out which mirrors to buy.... where to find them. A horn. Which one and where to get one. I am going with a modern Honda or a powerland( for the key and electric start) with a lighting coil. This I hope will keep me from getting run...
  3. noseoil

    19 X 7-8 road tires?

    Not a huge selection of tires available in this size, but wondering about the Kenda K572 road tires for my Baja. Anyone use these & what are they like? The knobbies are OK, but they're 12 years old, tired & leaky, so I'm looking to replace them with a street tire this time. Are there better...
  4. K&S Road Runner Logo

    K&S Road Runner Logo

    Sold through Gibsons Department Stores.
  5. Z

    Anyone? Hodaka 100cc Road Toad info?

    Hi, been awhile since I have been on. I built a nice "DUCK" minibike last year. Maybe someone can steer me in the right direction. I have found an old Hodaka 1975 ROAD TOAD 100cc. Roller, no engine. I don't know if this is too big here? Being not a minibike. But I know lots of Guys have...
  6. LSCustoms

    MARCH 2016 Mini bike of the Month, Cdownie3's Original 1971 Road Runner

    The March 2016 Mini Bike of the Month is Cdownie3's "Mudslinger", a 1971 Road Runner. He purchased the bike approx. 2 years ago and believes that it is original all the way down to the fuel line an tires. More info and pics to follow...
  7. R

    Off Road Trails?

    So the Doodlebug I bought my son was a huge hit on his 10th birthday today. I can't get him off the thing. I've never seen him so happy or excited to get a present. Anyway, I know the stock motor is small. I'm keeping it stock while he gets used to it better. Although I have to say he's only...
  8. YOOP

    Road Trip......Sights and sounds of the UP

    Headed out in the "Space Van" for a 700 mile trip. First stop was mackinac island Very cool place.only motorized vehicles allowed are a couple emergency vehicles and snowmobiles in the winter.all summer is horse and carriages and bicycles.The grand hotel has the longest covered porch in the...
  9. P

    Hello from Reno---ADULT SIZED mini bike wanted for off road..

    DO i have to get a tote goat to get the biggest mini bike type vehicle???? Thx,
  10. I

    Alsport trike!

    Ready to buy! In the south preferred. But let's see what ya got. Might be willing to travel, I like road trips, especially if there's minibike/trikes involved.
  11. M

    Completing Project Doodle Bully

    It's been a long road and what start off as a circuit racer will be a bad cruiser. With the help of some great people allot of studding patients and saving it's going down.
  12. jewwlion

    Has anybody gotten a ticket for riding on the street?

    I hear of people getting fined $800+ for riding their minibike on the street and whatnot but honestly I've ridden past 3 cops before, only one of which simply gave me a warning about them not being street legal (which I had not known about beforehand). Has anybody here gotten fined for riding on...
  13. MB165

    connecting rod question.... rebuilding a XR600

    I am rebuilding my 1987 Honda XR600. The guy doing the rod asked if i rode it on the road. It is dual sported so yes, it sees road use....he wont sell me the rod he has, as it says off road use only. I looked up parts for a XL600 and they are different parts, both NLA from Honda of course...
  14. oldfatguy

    ultimate off road sled

    The Ultimate Off-Road Sled is Electric | The Offroader this is a great idea.
  15. Aldovino

    Street Legal MBX10

    I plan to make my Motovox mbx10 street legal. I was wondering where I could stumble upon some DOT approved tires that will fit stock rim size?
  16. JohnnyTillotson

    Will someone buy this thing already!!

    Someone buy this thing in CT or lower upstate NY. It's so sweet and I can't take looking at it anymore. I'm going to wind up taking a road trip I know it. So please buy it. Thanks. TECUMSEH ENGINE 5 HP SNOWBLOWER GO-CART
  17. cheezy1

    Shaking my Head....

    This is a prime example of the bikes here in Michigan on Craigslist. Though he might have a few dollars into it...this isn't Gas Monkey. There is no imaginary big pay day for these like the show. Especially if you didn't bother with the chrome. I bet it runs smooth on the road with those tires...
  18. nds1968

    "Boonie" The make and model that started it all.

    In the late 60's my Great Grandfather purchased a Boonie Bike for his 10 grand children. My mother was the oldest of 10, 5 girls then 5 boys. They had many years of fun with the Boonie and have many stories to tell. One of the most memorable is when my aunt drove the mini bike up the side of...
  19. C

    CL Trolling

    Not mine, down the road aways. mini bike project
  20. Phil1958

    Merry Christmas All!

    to all a merry christmas, i'll be on the road tomorrow so to all and each of you the best of the holiday. phil