1. R

    2 speed Roper Sprag gear needed

    Hi guys-I'm a new member from Florida trying to restore a old sears roper 2 speed. I have everything but the Sprag gear and have no idea where to get one. If anyone has one or a source , that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
  2. B

    1965 bonanza bc 1100 - mini bike- 2 speed

    Craigslist listing 1965 BONANZA BC 1100 https://reno.craigslist.org/mcy/5641222486.html
  3. ClipperBuggy

    Dual Speed Max Torque Clutch on my Fox??

    Working on a Fox Trail Tramp/Trail FX. I found this clutch: https://www.OldMiniBikes.com/Max-Torque-Dual-Sprocket-3-4-Clutch-for-Two-Speed-MiniBikes.html I am thinking about trying to get it to work on my set up. Fox Spoke wheel bike as mentioned with a Tecumseh HS40 motor. anyone...
  4. S

    Did the two speed jackshafts work real well or were they just technical gimmicks ?

    I always thought the design and implementation was super slick but I have never had a chance to see one in real life or really talk to anyone that owned one. Seems like a great idea for a rugged long lasting two speed transmission functionality ! ?
  5. Not so mini bike

    Roper 2 speed setup

    2 speed setup from a Sears roper. Everything in pic is included. Worked good on bike. Brake band and puck work as well. $260 shipped
  6. capguncowboy

    Trailhorse Swingarm, two speed jackshaft

    This is, I believe, the swingarm from a TrailHorse. The two speed and one jackshaft plate is included. Two speed seems to function correctly. Sprag sprocket locks one way and spins the other like it's supposed to. Axle adjusters/tensioners are in good shape and complete. $165 OBO plus shipping
  7. pomfish

    2 Speed clutch questions

    I am working on a TrailBlazer with the 2 speed, the secondary clutch says Comet. The primary I have not had off yet but believe it to be Comet as well. Engine is Tec HS50. Will be replacing the 2 short chains tomorrow. My concern is that the primary clutch floats on the engine shaft and did not...
  8. capguncowboy

    Complete comet two speed set up (clutch and jackshaft)

    I picked up these pieces separately, but they're made for each other. The Jackshaft 2 speed looks NOS, new teeth, everything looks great. The clutch is used but the shoes have lots of life left. Nothing is stuck. The inside of the clutch has slight pitting on one side, but I doubt it would...
  9. C

    Briggs flathead engine speed help

    I'm building a mini for a 6 year old. I only want the top speed to be around 20 mph. Right now he has an electric mini which tops out at 14 mph so I only want it to be a little faster for now. I will be using a Briggs flat head engine I believe is 3 or 3.5 hp. What's the best way to do this?
  10. Bikerscum

    Lil Indian 2 speed frame

    Lil Indian Mini Bike | eBay Frame looks saveable, that 2 speed setup is, well.... "unique" :)
  11. 125ccCrazy

    high speed Trail Horse forks

    yep you read it right...looking for some high speed or worn out TH forks as long as the tree plate and handle bars are in good shape,, to make shipping easier hacksaw or sawzall the legs off at the bottom of the tree plate..
  12. D

    Sears Two Speed

    A couple of days ago I packed up my 12 year old's XBOX and put it on Craigslist. He played that stupid thing for 4 months straight, nonstop (he got it for Christmas) and I was just plain sick of it. I threw him $200 cash and he moped around for a couple of day shooting daggers at me with his...
  13. C

    Tecumseh H50 Idle Speed

    What is typical idle setpoint for a vintage 1980 H50 (adj. carburetor)? Minibike Service Manual indicates 1800rpm for float-type carbs. This seems extremely high. Just looking for what others have had good luck with.
  14. JohnnyTillotson

    H60 and above speed control

    This part is so close to the hard to find 30199A I'm thinking its a good replacement. Its found all over the internets for two cylinder OV engines for controlling two carbs. Part #37400. Ima try one.
  15. Radford46

    Boonie 2 speed shifter and plate

    Just picked up a Boonie that needs the shifter and plate. Anyone got one, anyone remaking them? I also could use the tc cover. Thanks, Kerry
  16. P

    original 1970 honda trail 70 4 speed

    got this from original owner, but now going to move it, id rather mess with MINI bikes than Honda's etc it is the hard to find 4 speed, I have known the bike for a few years, and it doen run fine (I ordered a new battery) and will fire it up this week, it is 100% original, only problem is...
  17. JohnnyTillotson

    Easier solution to the big block speed control

    Looking at one of the new HH60 motors I picked up last weekend its got this throttle control on it: That is a heck of a lot simplier than the massively hard to find 30199a part and its accompanying levers, springs and doodads. Just bolt it on with the head bolts. Done. It's part...
  18. capguncowboy

    2 speed clutch

    I picked up an engine because it had this 2 speed on it. It has no markings as far as I can tell. it's 3/4" bore, but only the inner portion is keyed and the outer portion rides directly on the engine output shaft. The bell is 3.15" in diameter and appears to be much thinner than any other...
  19. Michrina First Test

    Michrina First Test

    Regis Michrina testing the first model 600 2 speed lil indian mini bike.
  20. markus

    NOS comet 2 speed assembly

    NOS comet 2 speed jackshaft, I checked everyones BIN prices on ebay, $149 shipped is the cheapest right now, you can have this one for $120 shipped via priority mail. Barn fresh (for real) from an ex-kart mini bike shop