1. Dr. Shop Teacher

    NEW Max Torque 2 speed Clutch 3/4" Bore

    Brand new, never used, 12t. $65 shipped.
  2. markus

    2 speed clutch and jackshaft assembly

    very lightly used Comet 2 speed assembly, along with Max Torque 2 speed clutch (3/4" crank) Both have the same amount of use, not much at all. Jackshaft is 8.5" long (take off from a Rupp C350 as we put it back to factory setup-non jackshaft/direct) Very clean, j/s support bearings even feel...
  3. J

    Constant speed governor

    Picked up a engine with linkage coming out on the output shaft side, can anybody tell me what engines used this setup? I can't find much info on this. No shroud so I have no idea on size /age etc. . Thanks Ron
  4. B

    1969 Rupp Roadster 2 speed slipping

    my all original 69 roadster started to slip when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. i took it apart and installed a brand new Spag bearing and it worked perfect for about 3 months. Now it is slipping again. Can anyone guide me how to correct this once and for all?
  5. B

    2 speed jackshaft???

    Looking to do a Two speed jackshaft on my Trail Horse. Found the engine clutch but where can I find the clutch for the jackshaft. Is there anything special I need to know. Thanks.
  6. C

    Mikuni vm22 choke idle speed

    Is there anyway to adjust the choke rpm speed? Mine starts with one pull, dead cold with choke on, however rpms are 3500. Is that what they are supposed to be?
  7. Studeman68

    Boonie Bike 2 speed coil spring

    Yeah I know I'm reaching for the moon here, but I have all the pieces to complete my Boonie jack shaft except the coil spring that locks the small sprocket. I would even be interested in a shaft in any condition that I might be able to repair with my parts or even rebuild.. any help would be...
  8. High Speed Front Forks - Winner?

    High Speed Front Forks - Winner?

    This guy might win.
  9. P

    Get me up to speed

    I've been out of the loop for about 40 yrs. When I was a kid, we ran B&S, Tecumseh and Clinton engines on our mini bikes and fun karts. When I raced go karts, we ran what you youngsters now call "smokers"...McCulloch 93's and 101's. I see that my age is showing when I hear guys referring to the...
  10. hotrodlarry

    Century Speed Kart...

    Here's something you don't see very often. The steering wheel says "Century Speed Kart Mark I". It's been stored in a barn at my parents house for atleast 25 years. I have it now and am in the process of getting it running again.
  11. UnorthodoxCreat

    2 Speed Clutch Combo

    Will this 2 speed jackshaft #713845 UNIVERSAL COMET 2 SPEED CLUTCH KIT work with this clutch Max-Torque Dual Sprocket Clutch for Two Speed MiniBikes ? I'm hoping to pair these 2 together on my 1969 Rupp Sprint. It looks like the 2 speed sprockets are further apart than the sprockets on the...
  12. J

    68 rupp 2 speed trans

    Does anyone have a original 2 speed trans for a TT500 they would be willing to part with?
  13. gumpit

    Ludicrous Speed. How much to make you find a new hobby?

    It has come to my attention you are bad mouthing a friend of mine and an upstanding member of this forum over a few dollars. Very few. Based on what was presented by means of communications between you two, it is my determination you have issues. To report someone to Paypal over a couple of...
  14. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Universal Comet 2 speed clutch kit question

    Anybody know if the jack shaft on this kit can be swapped for a longer one? Thinking about converting my two Gilsons from single speed to 2 speed and I need 11 1/2" jack shaft length. thanks! #713845 UNIVERSAL COMET 2 SPEED CLUTCH KIT
  15. adarter

    heathkit 2 speed ?

    I removed the non working 2 speed of my Boonie bike to find the spring has no bite. I had aquired a jackshaft with the same looking shifted thing, but now with them side by side the are laid out differantly and i wonder if rotation direction is an issue if I switch the part out?
  16. ludicrous speed

    mini bike / jackshaft / whats my speed?

    am trying to figure out my best gear ratios to order new jackshaft gears and am a bit confused. my stats are as follows. 12t clutch - 20t input js - 8t output js - 30t rear gearplate. tire is 16` high. this puts me around 6.5 ratio as far as i comprehend but whats the top speed going to be>...
  17. xBrent92

    TAV-30 Max speed limit?

    Just wondering if 42mph is the absolute fastest i can go with a TAV-30 and if i can do anything to help it gain more RPMs but i must first say i have the Yellow driven spring and i drilled a 4th hole and it helps a big noticeable amount on acceleration but i can still only go 42mph. Any...
  18. markus

    5hp 2 speed lil Indian??

    Was there ever a variation on the small framed Lil Indian's with the 5hp briggs and a 2 speed? I only ever see the 600 (3hp 2 speed) or the 700 (5hp single speed) in the brochures and adds :shrug: half tempted to order the 5hp plate for mine to move it forward and stuff one in it!
  19. MB165

    30 series Comet speed limiting weight set wanted

    looking for a set of comet speed limiting weights for the driver on a 30 series. used, new doesnt matter. thanks
  20. R

    Sears roper 2 speed Sprag gear wanted

    I'm new to the forum so thanks for the ad. I'm restoring a Roper mini bike with a 2 speed transmission. I'm missing the sprag 21 tooth gear and have no idea where to get one. Would very much appreciate a lead on where to buy or if someone has one. Thx In advance Jon