1. noseoil

    Exhaust spring, borrowed from sixpac440's thread

    Here's how the die spring sounds in my bike. https://youtu.be/rIAXOJVS7WE
  2. Oldschoolcool

    El Tigre spring cup source?

    I am currently rebuilding the front forks on my El Tigre minibike. Does anyone know where I can find the correct size spring cups that the chromed spring sits in? Thanks, Denny
  3. MB165

    HD spring for a max torque clutch

    for sale max-torque clutch spring, used for less than 20 minutes. one step above stock, 2200rpm. shipped usps from balt. Md. $10 cash, check, m.o. paypal accepted, buyer pays fees pick it up at windber $7
  4. Phil1958

    Spring Cleaning

    i have here four things in my garage that need new homes. everything works, you have have my word on that. i can ship or bring to winber to save on shipping costs. item 1: small stick welder. i have had this thing for years, lightly used and comes with whatever sticks i have laying around...
  5. T-Town Mini

    Throttle Retun Spring

    When using the original throttle control on a Predator or Honda clone you can add a second return spring as seen here: (click to enlarge) If you've loosened up the retaining nut and/or removed the friction washer and still find you need a little more help to pull the cable back, this will do...
  6. R

    Throttle Return Spring Question...Briggs 2hp

    Here is a photo of my Briggs 2hp that came on my Bonanza. It is a 1987 motor, model 60102. It arrived with the big return spring coming off a head bolt, obviously wrong. What is the correct set up for the return spring? It looks like there could have been a spring that wraps around the...
  7. Sprocket86

    Tav driven RED spring.

    Ordered a China knock off 30 series driven pulley from BMI karts as well as a Comet Yellow driven spring. I ordered the yellow spring under the assumption that the knock off driven would have the plain natural colored spring that seems to be even weaker then the Comet green spring. Upon...
  8. danford1

    Hydraulic rear shocks and spring rate questions

    There are a couple of other shock threads going but I don't want to hy-jack someones thread as what I want to know is different from the other threads. I'm building some mini's for the build off. Two of them are Sears bikes with a swing arm rear suspension. They just have the spring sliders...
  9. OND

    Front Fork Spring Cups

    Anybody know if the OldMiniBikes warehouse still carries the front springs (weld on) cups ? The weld on type for 1" tubing.
  10. Studeman68

    Boonie Bike 2 speed coil spring

    Yeah I know I'm reaching for the moon here, but I have all the pieces to complete my Boonie jack shaft except the coil spring that locks the small sprocket. I would even be interested in a shaft in any condition that I might be able to repair with my parts or even rebuild.. any help would be...
  11. S

    Looking for Bonanza Chopper Sissy Bar Lower Leg and Spring

    Only need left side but would buy both. Thanks
  12. massacre

    Spring Date For New England 100ft Minibike Drags?

    So Trinik is right, we should start planning a Spring event now. I can call the dude from Wareham or try and get in touch with him somehow. I would gladly pay a small fee to race. Big parking lot works too. Donny also knows someone at Thompson Speedway in Thompson CT which would work for me...
  13. Evil Tweety Bird

    Bird scrub brake spring

    Mine went to the evil rust gods, tried making one, that didn't work to well. :no: So anyone have a stock Bird scrub brake spring? Looks like this. Thanks, Brad
  14. george3

    Bird aluminium brake spring install

    Does any one have a pic or two of the bird brake spring that stabilizes the shoe? I have one but it might be bent up and cant figure out its proper install to function properly.
  15. Sixpac440

    30 Series TAV Spring Hole question.

    There are 3 holes the spring can go in ... I want Hill Climbing/Trail Riding power ... Where should the spring be ...
  16. K

    ISO SST Gemini manual and shifter return spring

    I am trying to track down an owners/parts manual. Also I am trying to find a shifter return spring or what it should look like so I can create one for my SST Gemini. Any info could help, thanks!!!
  17. W

    Baja Racer=Throttle to Governor Spring Replacement

    Hi All - I was referred to this forum by Victoria at OldMiniBikes Warehouse customer service. My problem is I picked up a Baja Racer that is missing a spring that attaches to the throttle lever and the governor. I am having a hell of a time trying to find this spring or getting any tech support from...
  18. S

    Latest models from BajaMotorsports have spring rear suspensions

    Here are two for sale under different marketing labels..... Monster Dog Minibike Old School, Big Tires Trailmaster MiniBike
  19. chipper

    Spring Fling Event Shirts

    I have 2 - XL shirts left over from last weekends event , they are awesome , highly collectible and very sought after , never will they be duplicated or replicated ! Be one of the few that can own such an incredible piece of mini bike history , or Mini Bike Frickin Mania ! $16 shipped , first...
  20. Biffmini

    WTB Trail Horse kick stand spring

    I need a original Trail Horse kick stand spring:helpsmilie: