1. Mark G

    PM PETERSON 420 15 Bonanza Lens NEW OLD STOCK

    Absolutely perfect, never opened still in the packaging. Perfect for your Bonanza or early Rupp. New Old Stock, early lens- NO DOT Numbers! $50 bucks shipped, paypal only please.
  2. Mark G

    New Old Stock Fox Fenders

    Picked up a couple for peekster and had a few extra. These are in excellent NOS condition, there is still some warehouse dust on them and they were stacked (kind of like a can of Pringles) so there are some minor scratches on the sides- but they are made of stainless steel and buff out real...
  3. GustoGuy

    I replaced my stock chain with a #35 Space chain and It works so much better.

    About 2 weeks ago my stock Doodle Bug chain gave up the ghost. One of the links slide over and the chain started to slap really bad and some of the links were even bent. I found an awesome chain on Comet Karts sales called a #35 space chain and I purchased a 5-foot section to replace my stock...
  4. Sixpac440

    What is the stock Wheel width on a Heald VT-10?

    A quick check shows mine at about 9" ...
  5. D

    best stock combination brainstorm, specific class rules posted in this thread:

    hey guys, I have a question for our forum journeymen:) I'm struggling to figure out the best head and carburetor to use. I'll post the specific class rules, pretty much stock clone leaving a lot of stuff optional. Stock carburetor only: Choke must be installed and working. Choke bore .810"...
  6. smwtnbndr

    Sensation Mike Bike resto mod

    Got this bike about a month ago. Frame was not very good. I decided to do some modifications. Fabbed the brake back to stock. I took about 3" out of the heigth of the frame. Made the frame fit the 1962 Tecumseh Power Products Super 58. The seat is temporary, having a new stock version made.
  7. B

    1st build questions

    Ok guys, I've done a search but I really think I suck at the proper search terms so bear with me. Like the title said, I'm doing my first Hemi build. So far I've gotten all the gaskets I need, side cover, .010 and stock head gasket, and various others. Got an ARC +.020 length billet rod, and...
  8. F

    Hemi predator Torque build

    Hey guys, first time using the forum :) basically i have an old kt100 kart frame that needed an engine. So i went to harbor freight yesterday to pick up a 212 to build. They only had the 730 models everywhere untill i saw a random engine out of the box just sitting under a shelf. I asked a...
  9. L

    Predator build carb information

    I have a predator 212 with 3.308 ARC rod, ARC flywheel, stock dish piston, RTC-6 (stock 27/25mm valve) milled 0.050 off, 1.3 rockers with stock cam, 8 degree key and mikuni 22mm carb. My bike is a Manco with Maxitorque 10T clutch, 43T rear (4.30 gear ratio), stock 16" tires with paddel brake...
  10. six40

    Predator 212 bogging/running rich

    Hello, I am pretty new to small engines and carburetors in general, so I need a little bit of help. I have a 212cc engine I got used. It was fully stock when I got it, and it's still stock with the exception of a free flowing exhaust. The problem with it is, it keeps fouling plugs. I...
  11. freezerburn

    4" tires on stock wheels 1971 z50 Honda Mini Trail?

    Hello folks, I believe they came with 3.5" but I kinda like the look of the 4" 'ers. Will they work and not rub anywhere like forks to bottom of fender or chain line/frame? I'll be posting up some pics when I get home of the bike. The stock 50cc is being replaces with a 125 high compression...
  12. D

    still problems setting valve lash

    When I tighten my rocker arms down to .002 or even 0 cold lash the pushrods are super loose on the other end. Are my pushrods too short, or is there something else I need to do? I have a predator with a gx160 head, .016 head gasket, black mamba cam, 26 lb springs, lash caps, burris guide plate...
  13. doodlebug6.5

    Carb Jetting HELP!

    Any suggestions on what size jet to use for a stock car with the header and aftermarket filter? Thanks
  14. misfit

    Polished Tecumseh H-50 BB

    I guess its time to post this, I wasnt going to, but decided others might enjoy seeing it. Its the first time Ive done a complete flathead build so there was lots to learn. I traded some cyl head, crank, and clutch machine work for a 68 Bonanza roller and 2 Tec H50s...Thanks Randi! This engine...
  15. tundrabeagle3

    Bike speedometer need help

    I bought a sodlon bike speedometer from ebay for my doodle bug. When I first got it , it would not turn on and needed new batteries. Once I put the batteries I mounted it to the bike and calibrated it I put 13 3/4 in ( stock tire) to mm 349.25 and multiplied that by 3.14 and got about 1097 ws...
  16. D

    gx200 head on non-hemi predator

    Hey guys, I had a question about my predator. I searched and couldn't find the answer for my set up. My set up -212 non-hemi predator -nr racing ported 18cc Honda head milled .050 -cm push rods stock length -reinforced rocker arms stock ratio -.016 copper head gasket -lash caps -black...
  17. Raddion

    The Newer Bajas

    This was in the Tractor Supply flyer this weekend. I have my two DB 30's but I don't know much about these newer models. I see it comes stock with a 6.5 hp!! Not really crazy about the "look" of it though... although it does look to be well engineered.
  18. tundrabeagle3

    Brake upgrade

    Ok I have a old style doodle bug with a slightly modded predator it goes over 40 mph and the stock brake doesn't stop as good as it did with the stock engine. I was going to get a hydro brake from parts for scooters but have been reading that they fail ripping off at the bolt . Is there another...
  19. tundrabeagle3

    flat piston problems

    I tried a stock height flat top piston in my predator today and it feels more sluggish than before mostly on the bottom end. I have a 90 jet, header, modified stock air box and the head sanded down .40. I tried 91 and it helped but its still not as good as before . Do I need to rejet?
  20. doodlebug6.5

    1.3 rocker arms

    Will these work in stock honda clone with bsp 2 cam and stock head? Thanks