1. C

    raptor 2 weak link

    Hi, everyone. I just recieved my NOS Raptor2 from a fellow member(thanks lil digger) and I am like a kid at Christmas. I have read that the rod is a weak point in the motor, as it is ungoverened . Is a billit rod and better bolts advised? I'm not going to be racing but you know how a guys wrist...
  2. thejoker

    Tecumseh HM80 weak spark?

    I changed the points, condenser and the ignition coil. Why am I still getting such weak spark?
  3. M

    Honda gx160 misfiring under full load

    Hey guys its been a while for me here on OldMiniBikes. Anyways, took the bike out today for a bit. Was running fine and then it just started sputtering/misfiring under full load. It didnt stall and I rode it about a quarter mile back home on maybe 1/3 throttle. I looked at the plug and it was a bit...
  4. jdogg

    Enchilada Surprise! Not for the weak

    Funny video!! :laugh: Hot Pants: Enchilada Surprise - YouTube
  5. mlanzoni

    Weak Spark on Tec H60, magnets ???

    I'm getting a weak spark on an older Tec H60. Replaced points, condenser, coil, spark plug. Gaped points and plug. Was get no spark, but now getting a weak spark. How do I know if the flywheel magnets are weak, and /or need to be recharged ? How do the magnets get recharged ? Thank you for...
  6. mlanzoni

    What causes a weak spark ??

    What causes a weak spark ? New points, condenser, coil, and plug. Point and plug are gaped correctly. My spark tester is showing a weak spark. Thanks.
  7. B

    Tecumpseh H35 with weak spark need some help

    I am trying to get a H35 running on a Bonanza I have. I can turn it over and fell the spark if I hold the plug wire end in my hand. But its not enough to spark the plug or arch when i ground it to the block. I took off the flywheel and cleaned the contact points on the flywheel and the magnets...
  8. Miniwood

    Weak link on Clones!

    What are the weak links ( internals ) on the Honda clones? Springs , flywheel piston ??
  9. mardyn

    weak spark on 3.5 tec.

    I'm refurbing a 3.5 Tec for my Manco Chopper project and can't get the spark as strong as I would like. This is an old edger engine, points/magneto ignition system with an iron flywheel. All has been checked and rechecked, everything (coil, points, wires. condenser, flywheel has been changed...
  10. ryan275

    Weak doodlebug frame

    I have searched for 2 hours now and can't find a thing on if anyone has had issues with the mounting plate on the new doodle bugs being weak. I am running a ctmjay(I butchered it :doah:) mounting plate. And the motor rocks back and forth. I have really tightened it down time and time again...