2015 Build Off Entry, EZ Rider, Vintage Class

Eric, really outstanding work on this. Can I ask how you liked the chain guard? Fitment ok? I'm always looking for feedback good or bad so we can improve. Maybe I should ship you a few of my Arco's to work on....:shrug::laugh:
Thanks chipper...

Thanks delray...and just bought it ! :wink:

Thanks Chad, and the cover is awesome fits and looks great ! Thank you guys !
Thanks Karen...that seat looks and rides great. :thumbsup:

Thanks 1stBxMopar....

Thanks Tom, and there was alot of riding go on all day. :wink:
Thank you...lady and gentlemen . :wink:
Little bike rides and steers great and for a 3 1/2 hp Tec. it has good power .:smile:
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