2015 Build Off Entry MTTW Wards T555

I'm so glad you asked me to do that seat for you Joe! I knew your trike would come out nice. Very cool! Thanks for including me in your build.
I like the idea of the black back part of the frame and the different color for the front... I think I'm going to try that with my next one. But probably black and blue.
As much as I like the orange and would have loved to do the whole bike in that color, I believe half color/half black is how these bukes were made originally. See below:

I'm sure the orange bikes were painted in the same pattern as the green ones, so that's what I did. If I didn't have the seat to let me know it was orange, I probably would have done the green like the ad. I'm glad I had that seat.
That is one sweet trike!!!!

I wonder how one of those two tone 70's metal flake paint jobs with matching metal flake vinyl upholstery would look on a 555.