2015 Build Off Entry MTTW Wards T555

PROGRESS!!! Don't count me out yet! Here's the frame!

And now for the pain in the @$$. I had the rims powder coated and they looked so d@mned nice. Then I let an automotive tire shop attempt to mount the tires. I told them I had just powdercoated the rims and to be careful...so of course they scratched the $#!+ out of the rims. They didn't charge me, so I guess I should be happy they F-ed up my rims for free! Oh, and they couldn't get the beads to seat because the tires were so flattened from the tire dealer that they couldn't get them to come close to the beads. I bought some tubes and now they are on. I'll tape them off and give them an extra shot of gloss black to clean everything up

I put the axle in, just to find out the short side shaft was BENT! The axle mount swerved back and forth as I rotated the axle! So I had to rip it all apart and hit the axle with the press. Now everything is straight and we're back on track:

Thanks guys. Yeah, I think I'll be fine now that the bent axle is taken care of. For a minute there, I thought I was sunk. I still have to refinish my engine which is a solid day at least, but no biggy. I tossed the seat on there because I couldn't help myself! It looks amazing AJ!

The axle is the hardest part. A full day and you'll be done:thumbsup:
Tell me about it!! It would be so freaking easy if it didn't have the chain guard!!! The bearings don't slide up and down the axle easily, so I had to measure and press them in place, and still had to mount the axle with the sprocket removed and dangling on the axle shaft to get it in. Then, once the bearings were in and bolted up, I was able to slide the sprocket on and bolt it up.

Without the chain guard, I could've just dropped the d@mned thing in!
Thanks for the props Joe, I know you appreciate that sort of work. It was a treat to build and I always enjoy doing something new. You'll have to watch out for my next act! I had to build a seat from pictures and a little bit of reference only. It's going to be sweet. In the mean time, I'll be looking forward to seeing you complete the trike! I've got a trike on deck for my dad as well that I'm looking forward to doing and yours definitely serves as inspiration. I'm still hoping to see it at Windber if you get to bring it.
Its a lot easier to do the axles when you dont care about the paint.... Just bend the the bearing mounts out the way to slide the axle in and bend them back in place...lol
Yeah, that won't cut it! I've got to get a 1/2" fine thread die to clean up the threads on the wheel studs and then the axle and brakes will be pretty much done. I'm just waiting on the front axle and neck bolts and then I can start on the front. As usual, I've been putting the engine off to the end.
Well, after some trials and tribulations, I've got some good news!

So, I wanted to get the bike running today, as tomorrow is supposed to be rainy as hell. Everything came together nicely and by sun down, I was ready to test. Pull, pull pull, PULL PULL PULL!! NOTHING! The exhaust stinks like gas, so fuel is there. Compression is good. The engine ran fine before the resto, so what's up? Then I realize I had pulled a little piece off the engine that was hooked up to the coil. it was mounted to one of the engine tins and din't seem like it mattered. Then I opened up the engine and realized this was a points coild, so that doohickey was probably a points eliminator!!! And it is long gone! Luckily I had a electric ignition coil in another engine. Swap the coils, one pull and VROOM! SHE RUNS!!! WOOOO!!! Pics and vid:


I've got a front fenter I need to toss on it, but with Rain coming, I need to get this out now. Hopefully I can toss it on tomorrow. I'll also get some sunny day glam shots as soon as possible.
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