2015 Build Off Entry MTTW Wards T555

I finally got out in the cold and snapped my pic! I hope this winter is warmer than last years!!

I decided to do something different this year, so I'm building a Trike. I've been dying to build one for a while. The seat is Orange, my son's favorite color, so that's the color I'm going to go with. I'm going to shoot to get it as close to original as possible, other than the tires, which will be more of an all terrain than the original sand/mud tires, since it will see some pavement use.

Here's the entry pic:

And here is the end goal, in green:

In the meantime, Ripped the axle apart. I only needed to cut off one of the bearing lock collars. Someone hammered the crap out of one of the axle ends, so that had to get cleaned up before the flange would come off.

Anyone know what kind of diff this is or where to get parts? The gears and cases are fine, but it needs new bearings for where the shafts insert and a new bearing in the middle where the shafts meet.
I just use the Peerless differentials from Larrys. I bought 4 for $100 and just replace all the differentials when I redo a trike. His are 1" that drop to 3/4" where they go into the housing. Your axles are 3/4" where they go into the housing so you should be able to just plug and play with your axles and his housings. Gears and all. Cheaper than replacing the brass bushings in the housings that wear out. Or you can buy diffs and press out the bushings to put in yours if you want to keep original look. Gotta love the T555s

I just noticed that your axles have the extention that goes into the pin that holds the inside gears. It may not work with "larry" axles without grinding down the extension part. And I am not sure you want to do that. You would have to make sure your axles sit in the housing and are able to put the retaining clip on first.
Where do I go for "Larry's" axles? Are the 1" axles on his long enough that I could cut them down and drill them for the Wards flanges?

Since the inner support is not found on other diffs, do I really need it? Could I swap the pin in the Larry axle for the one with the support bushing to retain it?

Finally, how tight are these diffs supposed to be? Mine has a tiny bit of play but isn't super loose. I don't want to jump through hoops just to find out a new unit has the same amount of play.
The Larry axle has been ordered and the seat is in AJ's capable hands. Here's the next few major steps:

1) Weld up the damage on the footrest tube and the sprocket guard. God I hope it gets warm out soon!
2) Make a template for the chain guard and get that out to be bent up out of stainless
3) Figure out the size of the chain guard decal and get that out to the decal guy for processing
4) Take the frame to my powder coating guy
5) Buy all the misc small stuff
6) Pretty up the motor. It runs like a bat outta hell, so it just needs help in the looks dept.
7) The fun stuff (Put all the pretty new parts together)

I swear, when I bought this thing, I thought it would be a nice quick project...yeah, right!