1. Biodude


    (1) set of NOS General Traction Tread tires, still encased in their original wax coating. Stored in a temp controlled environment. Ready to complete someone's restoration. I remember these being used on Lil Indians, Bonanzas, and of course, Rupps. $300 Plus shipping Location: Blaine, MN...
  2. L.skynrd

    Cannot find these tires anywhere

    I have a Keystone deluxe minibike. Both tires need replacing, but I haven't been able to find the right tire. The size on the sidewall only says 4.00-5. The closest tire to this that I can find is 4.10-3.50-5, but these are way to skinny. Also the shipping prices for many of these tires are over...
  3. FunWithStuff

    Black Star Rims on Cat Mini Bike?

    I have an HPE Muskin JCPenney's Duster MX mini bike that I have recently restored. It has black star rims on it, but I've seen photos of other Duster MX bikes (even though there are not many) and they have chrome star rims on them. I was wondering if these are aftermarket rims or genuine HPE...
  4. FunWithStuff

    Aftermarket Clutch Cover/Guard

    I have a 1973 JCPenney's Duster MX mini bike that I am currently looking for an aftermarket clutch cover for. The cover should look something like the photo you see here. Any information would be helpful! Thanks!
  5. CaptNugget

    New table/seat Repurposed tire project DONE!

    Just thought I’d post this because I thought it was cool. Had this old take-off front tire from my Alsport TS-110 trike. thought it looked cool and couldn’t throw it away. For last like 6 years it’s sat in my garage, moved all over a billion times, and always wanted to make a table/seat or...
  6. T

    is there any value 1969 orig taco 44 tires??

    hello all, is there any value to 1969 taco 44 tires ?? i have mine they are dried out just curious if there is any value to them ?? thanks bobby
  7. J

    NOS Carlisle Tires

    For Sale.. (2) NOS Carlisle Tires. Size of both are 5.30/4.50-6. The one on the top has no Indian Heads. The one on the bottom has two Indian heads. Non Indian head: 60.00 Shipped. Double Indian head: 75.00 shipped. Shelf dust: No Charge. Money order only please. Thank you, Joe51
  8. N

    Kenda Road Go Tires

    Has anyone used the Kenda Road Go K572 tire. Want to try it on my baja warrior. Any opions and pics. Thanks
  9. K

    Aircraft tires, dual disc brakes, belt clutch transmission; not a Cushman

    Hi! - Old Minibike members once helped me track down an old odd machine - turned out it was a plan/kit bike whose construction had me baffled. Some parts were very professional, while others were made with pliers and conduit. Thanks again for that one. This one, however, I present as a...
  10. drenchedgremlin

    How do you guys get old tires off while not damaging the rim?

    I am taking apart an old cat wheel, i am trying to get the tire off but idk how to separate the tire without sticking something between the tire and rim and prying it which i dont really want to do. So what is your method of going about this?
  11. P

    Murry Track 2 Stock Tires

    Looking for some good ones:confused:
  12. J

    WTB - Carlisle 4.10 / 3.50 - 5 (Double Indian Head) Tires

    Looking for NOS or (Very Good Shape) set of these Carlisle tires for a Ruttman I am re-doing. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you !
  13. G

    Baja Tires

    I'm having trouble finding many tire options online. Google searches return very little, which is surprising to me. I currently have 19x7-8 sized tires on my bike. I'm open to other sizes (would prefer wider) and have googled a few other sizes in addition to the current, but am having little...
  14. Aircooled

    street tires

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding tire size and tread. My Motovox has the usual standard off-road(tread) type tires...145/70-6, what size would a normal street tread tire be? I would eventually like to swap them out for a normal street tire. Thank you!
  15. GustoGuy

    Rupp Roadster 2 1971-75 with 12 inch wheels, Which Tires for trail riding?

    Hi again, I bought a Rupp Roadster 2 with the 12 inch wheels off of Craig's list a few weeks back and I am looking to make it into a nice little gravel road/low maintenance road and trail machine since I have miles of low maintance roads and trails to ride by my cabin. I am getting the parts...
  16. P

    knobby tires for doodle bug

    Hi guys: New guy to mini bikes. Found a cheap d30 and bought it... I want to replace tires without wheel change and I want it to be "short" and old school looking and suitable for off road running. I will rig 212 cc on this thing. What tire size and brand do you guys think...

    Questions about 4" wheels and tires

    I have discovered a set of 4 " wheels and tires in my stash I am not referring to the smaller one that goes on a skateboard. Anyways what is the smallest diameter tire I can put on this wheel and where can I find a way to mount a sprocket to it? Thanks
  18. P

    New guy bought a doodle bug can i put old school small rims and tires on it ?

    Hi guys: Bought a stock doodle bug off craigslist today for $180 I already have a brand new HF hemi 212cc. I also have four old azusa tri-star rims 4.10/3.50-5. I also have 1" expanders for these rims. Will these work ? What do I need to do to retrofit them to the doodle bug ? I...
  19. Acolytus

    The best way to get tires off a rim?

    I will be putting inner tubes in my DB30 tires since air likes to leak out of them. I got my inner tubes in the mail today and I can't seem to get these tires off the rim. I used a pry bar and tried to break the bead, but it won't work and I am worried I will bend my rims more or puncture the...
  20. noseoil

    19 X 7-8 road tires?

    Not a huge selection of tires available in this size, but wondering about the Kenda K572 road tires for my Baja. Anyone use these & what are they like? The knobbies are OK, but they're 12 years old, tired & leaky, so I'm looking to replace them with a street tire this time. Are there better...