My latest project

Had 3 of them sitting in the garage and last week I decided to get busy. Here is number #1. This was just a frame I got from my buddy Steve aka RPOL89 . It has all new wheels , tires, seat, etc...The motor is an HS50. Paint is Black hammer finish with Dupli Color Clear Effex over top. Changes colors in the sun .All I have left to do is put the chain on and annoy the neighbors.

Trail Horse / Trail Blazer #2 is currently being painted . It is not far behind.:hammer: # 3 is gonna be the Bees Knees . I have one of the nicest straightest Trail Horse Model 100 frames I have ever found. It was a fender delete model. I have original Mags and a repop clutch guard .


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Number 2 is coming along nicely[/QUOTE]

Told my wife that the other day...she was not humored by that!
Looks great...nice plush seat!