OldMiniBikes Baja Doodlebug project

I am building a Baja doodlebug project and wanted to know if anyone has front forks for this minibike? I need one set of forks if anyone has a spare.
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( IJG ) This member does. After so many post you will be able to PM him. P.S. You will have better luck putting this in the parts wanted area.


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OldMiniBikes Warehouse will fix ya up with chain. Manchester might be able to whip up a seat for you. Ebay?
Wanted ad for sure will help.
Good luck.
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Okay. I will contact these people and also post in the wanted section. Is it possible to put a wide fat tire on the back and a small on the front for almost a chopper style?
I'll get you picture of about the largest tire you can put on that Mini bike. I have one on my grand kids doodle bug. I'll post it Friday.
I was also wondering about two things in addition to the tire size. What is a good sprocket set up for making it fast and what chain would I need? Also how would a person like myself wire headlamp, turn signals, and taillight all to one possibly 2 small 6 volt batteries? I have been thinking on this for a while now. Help if you can!