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    need advice on making some Pinewood derby cars

    Here's a few design templates I found a while back when doing our own cars. Templates
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    Lil Indian gasser style

    Love that style of frame. Keep it going! :thumbsup:
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    Computer help needed.

    Your right on the money Og, Red means your full out of space. Don't be discouraged about the computer. Most kids I know can't use a wrench, so your way ahead of the curve. It really isn't any different than flipping through a parts manual, except the pages are digital. Watch this a...
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    Mower Mini bike/ Bicycle on ebay

    Interesting idea...
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    The WTF picture thread

    Ok... For mature audiences. not for work, kids etc. Just a bit of naked backside. IMO nothing pornographic but link instead of picture just in case some may disagree.
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    Cheap Ass challenge

    That's great. Reminds me of some boys I used to know lol.
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    Merry Christmas, what did santa bring you?

    Gift I got this.. has some issues but it was free! [/IMG]
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    Sweet Little Tractor

    Yeah that's sweet!
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    help me give an old 2hp briggs a second life

    Here's a good vid. Also look for a rusty clutch. That will give you all kind of problems with the recoil/pull rope. how to fix and rewind briggs and stratton pull starters Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now - YouTube
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    Briggs and Stratton 2 hp rebuild

    Vented gas cap? Restricted air filter?
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    Picked up a Baldwin "Outlaw" Trail Cycle

    Nice! I see you finally decided to buy it. :thumbsup:
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    WTF Wisconsin have they all gone insane

    Pure Michigan: St. Patrick's Day - YouTube
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    Im making a miniature 8 string ukulele

    My father-in-law has a wood shop in his basement.... It is too cold at the moment to work in the garage heh. Time to move the mini fridge. :laugh:
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    Fox mini doddle

    That is a sexy bike right there.
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    "Sorry But You Didnt Pay"

    After thinking about this awhile I feel this "news" story may be exaggerated. There's no hard facts about response times, or any word from the Fire Department. The News isn't the most reliable source when it comes to facts. Giving the benefit of the doubt to the Fire Department that the...