1. B

    Bought at auction, no identification of make or model. Any ideas?

    Hello, we bought this at an auction and cant find any make or model identification. Any thoughts on what this is? Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Tom S.

    Cool Boat on Auction

    I'd love to have something like this. Better still, I'd like for my buddy to have one so that I could borrow it. :laugh: 1958 Larson Thunderhawk | Bring a Trailer
  3. Bikerscum

    Interesting auction coming up in KC

    A couple of rare looking minis, 3 or 4 Hodakas, Mini-Trails, etc. And if you're into old motorcycles this is the jackpot. No reserve, camping on site.... sux that I'm in CA. J Wood and Company Adobe Web Gallery
  4. C

    Ebay auction for Honda carb

    Ebay auction for a carb, but I don't see it. Where is it?:confused: New Carburetor w Choke Lever Fits Honda GX200 6 5 HP 16100 ZLO W51 | eBay
  5. R

    1972 Harley Davidson Mini bike Survivor

    Just found this 13 Hours to end of Auction Harley Davidson Other | eBay
  6. Mr Big Mini

    118432-0060 6hp Vanguard, Horizontal

    hi guys! :scooter: just picked up three 6hp vanguard new in box, got a great deal on them at auction. is the B+S 6hp vanguard any good?
  7. xr7gt

    Kawasaki MT1 Parnelli Jones

    I posted an ad looking for mini bikes and parts on a local website. Got a text yesterday about a Kawasaki that was just sitting in the guys garage. Today I arranged to see it and asked him what size it was he said 75. I said must be a kx he sent me a link to an auction on ebay for a cable for a...
  8. M

    Auction Find, What is it?

    Just picked this up from an auction. It will be my 3rd bike but I'm having issues finding what model or make the bike is to get the project going. Thanks guys!
  9. P

    older honda 70 engine

    what you see is what u get, I bought it with some other mini stuff at auction, has compression, side cover broke 100 OBO TRADE PLUS SHIPPING

    My 1960 BONANZA Kart on ebay:

    Vintage Bonanza 1960 Go Kart Roller GoKart Rupp Cart Margay FLEXO Minibike | eBay Started tonight - 7 days. May be able to get it down to Los Angeles area soon after the auction ends. See auction for details.

    My flowbench setup on ebay:

    Audie Technology Flow Quick Flowbench Airflow Tester Holley Carburetor Cylinder | eBay Started tonight - 7 days. May be able to get it down to Los Angeles area soon after the auction ends. See auction for details.
  12. Z

    trail horse auction find, survivor?

    I found this trail horse at auction. Its a GTO110, code#39070113, with a Tecumseh 21/2 HP, model#H25-25173G. It appears to be an orginal survivor?
  13. WrenchDad

    Auction Kawasaki what is it?

    Guys this will be at an auction I'm going to on Saturday They just have it listed as a Kawasaki. I think it is a 1971 Parnell Jones indorsed but that's all I know. Can anybody tell me what model/size/cc it is. I wont ask a value but is it a special type of bike should I expect to bid high...
  14. Gustavo

    Storage Auction In Michigan With 4 Go Carts And 5 Mini Bikes! March 18 2014!!!

    Blair Auction & Appraisal, L.L.C Treasure anyone? Thought I would put this up maybe someone here can check it out and see what's up :drinkup:

    Kart frame at a auction is it junk or gold?

    Would it be worth it to bid on this? I can't find much information online.
  16. Bikerscum

    ebay auction bidding software

    What are you guys using? You know, to snipe some poor sap like me? lol I see some with a yearly membership, some with prepaid X number of wins, one with 1% fees (seems like the best value). What works for you :shrug:
  17. SimpleTom

    Lambrecht Chevrolet auction on History Channel right now

    Really cool to see some of these cars with such low miles. Check it out. One of the hosts doesn't know anything about cars and gets a little annoying but it's cool seeing the cars themselves. I have a friend who is there with his brother ready to bid on a couple.
  18. Clayon

    My Auction Sale Buy

    My dad and I went to a farm auction yesterday, and I scored this rototiller and Murray lawnmower for $25. The tiller I bought just for the 2000-2001 5hp Briggs. It runs great, just put fresh gas in and primed it and it started 1st pull with no choke. The Murray was missing the starter...
  19. bigevilone2

    Check out the mug on this auction !

    Restored Steen?s Taco Trail 100 Mini Bike with Trail Tamer Forks | eBay :no::out::shrug::confused::laugh:
  20. Tom S.

    Microcar Auction

    Bigger than a kart, much smaller than an ordinary automobile, micros are so cool. Now's you chance to get that Messerschmitt or Isetta or Gogomobile you've always dreamed of owning. World’s largest microcar museum to close, head to auction | Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts