1. brettdn

    Can I keep the governor with my Billet internals install?

    I have a Powerfist 7hp and I just finished installing the billet flywheel and rod but I am just curious if removing the governor is optional? Like is it possible to rev the motor to say 5600rpm or will it actually restrict the rpm? I don't know if I am explaining this clearly enough but if you...
  2. D

    What mods are required to run with out gov on Chinese ohv

    I have a Baja warrior, I want to remove the Gov and install a Comet TAV, level 2 hop up, Billet rod and flywheel, and chrome moly push rods. What else should I replace? The hop up has 22lb valve springs, bored and jetted carb, billet flywheel, head gasket, and a race air filter and adaptor. The...
  3. 125ccCrazy

    hope he has a billet rod in this one

    nothing like getting a rod in the back 4hp Briggs mini bike
  4. CarPlayLB

    Clements billet head for Briggs 5HP/Raptor

    Here is a never used Clements billet head. Like all my stuff, it is polished and shiny. $90.00 and it will arrive to you!
  5. 125ccCrazy

    new comet tav2 and new round gas tanks..Mikuni

    new Comet tav2, all new, no cover... new backing plate, new clutches, new belt etc... $125 plus ship New round gas tanks, 3 1/4 x 7 1/2 $42 shipped each Horstman billet intake with a true vm 22mm Mikuni with adjustable main jet (dial a jet), carb had gas in it one time for maybe 5...
  6. gasser

    Found a stash of old parts!

    Was put in contact with a gentleman that has a stash of old quarter midget, go kart, and minibike parts and engines. Spoke with him a brief minute on the phone. Has a few continental engines setup for quarter midgets as well as a few briggs 3hp motors that have billet heads, billet rods, blocks...
  7. PhilosoRaptor

    My Homemade Kart and belated Intro

    Hi there OldMiniBikes! It has been awhile since I have posted anything so I thought a little update/introduction would be in order. Long time regular reader and browser of the site and I have learned so much from all of you and am thankful for being exposed to that knowledge and humbled by being able to...
  8. gasser

    Predator 212 Hemi *Brand New In Box*

    Never ran, still in box. Would like to trade for briggs flathead billet parts.
  9. tundrabeagle3

    reliable high hp

    I have a new rtc8 head predator 212 that I want to build for my doodle bug. I wanted to get a arc billet rod +.40, hemi piston, milled head, arc billet flywheel black mamba cam and 26lb springs. From previous posts by other members I have read this set up is making like 17 hp which sounds like a...
  10. D

    Flathead Parts: Looking 4 Flathead Briggs Mikuni Intake, 3 Stage header & BilletRod

    I am about to start this new build and I have a mikuni 24mm for it but I don't have an intake for it. If you have one that is pretty cheap, reply or inbox me and let me know prices. I also need a 3 stage header as well as a std length billet rod. If you have a used billet flywheel for a flathead...
  11. LSCustoms

    Perfomance built Hemi Predator project

    this motor is going on another project, in another thread... but thought Id post a thread on it specifically, as alot of people prob wont realize what all is going into that "cruiser project", or may not like taco 22 style bikes.. hoping to have the motor dyno'd if i can find someone to do this...
  12. M

    Bang for your buck

    Ok so im sure someone has done all this before me but which after market parts show the most gain in hp My personal motor has shown the most gains in power with the billet flywheel and ported big valve head the header and carb didn't do much if anything
  13. C

    Doodlebug DB30

    So i built a motor for my aszua minibike... i was looking to make it as fast as possible. well let me tell you all something you already know. doing 60mph on a aszua with 5 inch wheels will make your life flash before your eyes... i jumped on craigslist and found a junk db30 for 200 bucks! So a...
  14. 125ccCrazy

    Brand new Briggs Intek billet rod

    New Robertson billet rod for Briggs Intek.. $30 plus $7 ship
  15. OND

    Looking for a Billet Head 5hp BS Flathead

    I'm looking for a billet after market head for a Briggs 5hp Flathead. Anybody got one for sale ? Or know where I can get one ?
  16. H

    Opinions on Predator Hemi Build

    Whats up OldMiniBikes, just got into go-karts thanks to one of my buddies and the speed urge has hit. i currently have a predator hemi 6.5 on my kart and wanted to bump up the power to gain top speed which is rpm bases some what and gain some more punch or power. Currently only has the governor removed...
  17. I

    Correct push rod length question....

    So I have 2 motors with similar builds... 32/28 valves ported, 310 cam, billet flywheel, 40 though longer rod,flat top piston, billet lifters, hl380 tilly on alchohol, 1.3 roller rockers. Here's the question, One motor started as hemi, the other non. Would the hemi block one need 5.440...
  18. D

    Need Help Trying to beef up my gx390

    Whats up mini bike I just brought GX390 ae2 motor I need advice on how to beef it out so I could get 20hp or more out of it. I have billet flywheel, big bore and lectron 34mm carb. Im trying to figure out what else I need. Any info would be appreciated.
  19. F

    94ss cam

    I put a 94ss dyno cam in my 5hp briggs with a billet rod and billet lifter the motor starts but screams for about five seconds then dies I was thinking of advancing the timing to see if that helps if anybody can help me out that with any ideas on what I can do to remedy this problem
  20. L

    modded predator 212

    I have modded a predator 212 to drag race at my local track. Mods include fuel pump, billet flywheel, billet connecting rod +.020, mod 2 cheater cam, 18lb springs, high flow carb, air filter, aftermarket header and RLV muffler. The problem I am having now is that everytime I rev up the engine to...