1. buckeye

    WTB Briggs WF stock cam and billet flywheel

    Looking.. Thanks.
  2. S

    BHP billet rocker clearance

    Does anyone know if the Brad Hill rockers will have clearance with a hemi head milled .065? Wanting to pull the trigger on a set and havent saw much feedback on them.
  3. B

    billet h50 rod on ebay!!

    Not mine, but stumbled across it looking for ohh parts. Neat looking piece!! Tecumseh Billet Con Rod H50 5HP Motorsport Rupp Taco Ruttman Mini Bike TT500 | eBay
  4. lelej1080

    WTB Billet ROD AND FLYWHEEL for honda gx200

    looking for the last few parts to my build. In need of a billet con rod for a gx200 and a billet flywheel. Let me know what you have!
  5. buckeye

    Thoughts? Billet flywheel option..

    What ya think..
  6. slywilliez

    WTB briggs 5hp billet flywheel

    I am looking to by a briggs billet flywheel or a raptor. Ley me know what you got.
  7. P

    Billet rod install

    Can someone give me directions on how to install the billet rod? I can find videos on everything I need but the rod. I have found one video where a guy uses plastic gauge string and measures the "oil clearance". Is that necessary or can I just bolt it right in?
  8. LSCustoms

    Making/Programming Custom Billet Parts

    Decided to try my hand at playing with 3d programming and parts... so will post related progress in this thread... looking for a program to buy that isnt going to break the bank.. but also trying some free ones and figuring out how to convert it over to misc saved files... programs would be able...
  9. CJdoodlebug90

    2* timing key with billet flywheel

    My 212cc is making around 16hp and i know the billet flywheel has 8 degrees built in. Would it help or hurt my performance if i put a 2 degree timing ket in? That would make it 10 degrees advanced. Would i lose low end?
  10. H

    HS40 Billet Rod

    I'm doing a hop up of an HS40 at the moment and I wanted to report my findings on billet connecting rods for these engines. Nowadays, nobody sells new billet connecting rods designed for the HS40, along with its under bored and over bored siblings, the H35 and HS50. ARC racing does sell a billet...
  11. samevansjr

    Hardly used gx390 Raceseng Rev Roller Rockers S2 1.3:1 ratio for sale

    Hardly used gx390 Raceseng Rev Roller Rockers S2 1.3:1 ratio $130.00 plus shipping.
  12. samevansjr

    Gx340/390 hardly used Raseseng Billet Rev Fin Flywheel for sale

    For sale Gx340/390 hardly used Raseseng Billet Rev Flywheel weighs in at 2.27 lbs. and features a rare earth neodymium magnet that throws a spark 100% hotter then a stock flywheel. The Rev Wheel comes with a coil relocation bracket & timing tape that allows you to adjust your ignition timing...
  13. Twid

    Billet rod predator212 non hemi

    Any one have a good video or pictures for the install of said part? I'm worried about crank position when installing new con rod. Any reference is appropriate please an thank you!
  14. R

    Taco mini bike( billet) fork front fork ends

    Pretty cool found these on CL Taco mini bike billet front fork ends
  15. Twid

    Arc billet oil cap

    Does the arc billet oil cap threaded 3/4" x 10 fit the predator 212cc non hemi?
  16. D

    arc billet rod and flywheel install questions

    Hey guys this is my first build it's a Doodlebug with predator engine six and a half horse but when I was taking the cam out I notice that the lifters had came out as well but I didn't see you which one was which? Does it matter which lifters go where? And also before I got the billet rod and...
  17. billet handle west bed

    billet handle west bed

    billet handle west bed
  18. cpu77

    DIY Honda clone 6.5HP/Predator Hemi DIY billet rod Video

    I am building my Predator Hemi 212 engine and would like a good video giving details on installing a stock length billet rod. I am also installing cam and springs. I found great videos for that. Flywheel is easy done that before. Any suggestions?
  19. T

    Billet lifters

    Anybody still making billet lifters for the hemi predator smallenginescams and nrracing have been out of stock for awhile.
  20. astrowrench

    Hemi 1.2 Ratio Billet Rockers

    Billet Aluminum Hemi Rockers I hope I'm not violating any rules, but if any of you would like more info about acquiring a set of these please email me at Billet 7075 1.2 ratio rockers for the Hemi head.