1. N

    CT200U Charging coil/fly wheel?

    Curious if anyone has found a coil and freewheel for the Coleman CT200u? I've seen it added to the predator, which I understand is pretty similar, I think! I want to run lights, but not off a battery. Thanks.
  2. C

    coleman ct200u with predator 420cc swap?

    Hey guys, I just picked up the mini bike after searching for a while and i know besides doing the popular mods to the stock engine, or throwing a 212cc predator engine into it. Has anyone swapped a 420cc predator engine in it? from the looks of it, looks like it would fit in the same space. Any...
  3. M

    Stock Coleman CT200U engine vs Predator Hemi. Which has more power?

    Which is better out of the box? Going to build one or the other and can pick up the 212cc Hemi for $89.
  4. C

    Coleman 200 sqeaky brake

    Hi all. What's the cure for a squeely brake on the ct200u? Thanks.
  5. Possom point

    New Coleman minibike????

    Saw this at a local tractor supply.... haven't seen this one before. Is it a new model or an older one? .
  6. M

    COLEMAN CT200U. Torque converter?

    Any ideas on the best way to drop the clutch and put a TC on these?
  7. Charles S

    Coleman CT200U-EX

    Just found this. CT200U-EX (Camo)
  8. M

    Touch up paint color coleman?

    Hey everyone! I just got my Coleman CT200U on thursday! I love it! The front fork got a little scuffed up during shipping and is missing some paint. I was wondering what is the best red to match the coleman's paint? I googled "coleman red" but I mainly saw a wide range of vintage red colors...
  9. E

    Coleman Minibike GX200 Build

    Hello, I have a Coleman mini bike with a gx200, and I'm looking to take it to the next step. What I have: -Intake, Exhaust, & Carb re-jet -Billet Flywheel with 8 Degree Advance -18lb Valve Springs -Stock Governor I just ordered a 14cc head for the thing, but I would also like to run...
  10. E

    Coleman Mini Bike Build

    Hello, I just got into the world of mini bikes and I just started the modding process on my little beast. I have a few small things done to it, but I want to use it as a test platform for engine work and continue to ride the crap out of it....I could use some input here soon on matching a cam...
  11. R

    What is a "Supreme" Coleman CT200?

    And why is it worth $5000? These are showing up on Ebay as a preorder. Picture looks like a standard 200.
  12. C

    Coleman CT200U on TV

    Motor trend on demand channel on TV has a series called "Dirt Every Day" usually featuring off road 4 x 4 vehicles. The latest episode features Coleman CT200U minibikes used on a 34 mile off-road adventure. You can try Motor trend on demand channel free. Check it out.
  13. Coleman CT100U tav

    Coleman CT100U tav

    Coleman CT100 tav, CVT, torque converter
  14. Coleman CT100U chain guard mod

    Coleman CT100U chain guard mod

    Coleman CT100 tav, CVT, torque converter
  15. Coleman CT100U chain guard bracket

    Coleman CT100U chain guard bracket

    Coleman CT100 tav, CVT, torque converter
  16. B

    Coleman ct200u original jackshaft setup

    Looking to see if anyone has a jackshaft set up that they removed and aren't using. I've had a ct200u I picked up cheap in the back of the garage, pulled it out today and the jackshaft is bent. If cash wasn't tight I'd buy the aftermarket one. Thanks guys.
  17. Blue pics

    Blue pics

    April 1, 2017
  18. Blue pics

    Blue pics

    April 1, 2017
  19. Charles S

    Coleman CT100U on sale for $299

    Coleman CT100U on sale for $299 with free shipping at Walmart and Amazon (Prime)
  20. E

    New here... Street legal Coleman 200

    Figured I'd join up, seeing as I need some advise anyways. Picked up a coleman 200 from walmart on black friday for $400, ok price for what it is... I basically got it for LEO use while working at the bigger events, shows and races, where a golf cart just doesn't fit through man gates or...