1. Go Kart cycle seat

    Go Kart cycle seat

    Go Kart cycle seat
  2. Go Kart cycle seat

    Go Kart cycle seat

    Go Kart cycle seat
  3. slywilliez

    Wanted: Go kart cycle

    I am looking for a GO Kart cycle. I would be interested in a roller or a complete one. I have Cash and kool stuff to trade as well.
  4. markus

    caper cycle on ebay

    Its a bit of a mess, but it is a caper! just need a little (ok a lot) of love!!!! MINI BIKE FRAME | eBay
  5. chrismh

    Dart Cycle Project

    Hi All, (or Ya'll as they say in the south) Here are some pic's of My Dart Cycle project. I hope to have the roller together this weekend. Karen just finished the seat, Looks great! I went with a 1969-70 AMC Bittersweet Orange for this bike. I am still looking for an ID tag for it? Thanks...
  6. chrismh

    Dart Cycle by Rupp Parts

    Hello All, I am looking for an ID tag and foot rest pads for my Dart cycle. Anyone that can help please let me know? Thank you all for the input on my color question. Chrismh
  7. chrismh

    Dart cycle by Rupp

    Hello All, Just picked up a Dart cycle and I am trying to find out the color? It looks to be gold with an orange tint to it? It is original paint. Also a code or number to have paint mixed? I would guess it is an automotive paint of that era? Thanks for any and all help! Chrismh
  8. markus

    Early Caper cycle brake stay?

    working on a 1961 short frame Caper roadrunner/falcon, Tyring to figure out what prevents the brake plate from rotating. Looks like in the brochure that the brake arm almost rests against the top of the axle mount? In various pictures of actual bikes online though the arm is in different...
  9. D

    dune cycle parts

    david here!!! need dune cycle roll bar, wheels, etc. i am interested in just about anything dunecycle. will pay top dollar!!!! help, help, help!!!! please call me direct at 303-885-4705 ready with cash now!!! thank you everyone
  10. 1

    Chris Cycle info

    Hey guys, newbie here I came across a Wilie (Chris Cycle) its missing motor,fuel tank,throttle Is it worth the effort to restore, should I part it out ? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Clinton 503

    Clinton 503

    Clinton 503 touted The Monster Motor 8.6 cu in.
  12. Taco Loco Joe

    Micro Cycle

    Started mocking up this Early Model Micro Cycle. They were only made from 1960 to 62. I'm using a 60' Tec/Lauson motor. The Rebel was the top of the line with full suspension and a 2 stroke engine. They were built in Tulsa Oklahoma by Race Car driver Buddy Cagle. All models came with Go Power...
  13. D

    trike - dune cycle?

    not the greatest picture sorry, but i need to work on my trike, mainly need to figure out how to get the lower chain off because its stretched
  14. R


  15. markus

    Caper Cycle Decal

    I tried sending a message to the guy who long time back had these but it bounced back and didn't go through, I am looking for a caper cycle fork decal If anyone has one to spare as I am pretty close to paint stage on my 1961 falcon. thanks
  16. glenn baine

    Glenn Baine - GOKART CYCLE - (Vintage Class)

    i bought this summer ( GOKART CYCLE)
  17. C

    Dune cycle

    Hi, Havent been on here for a couple years. Is anyone making dunecycle repo parts yet ? Thanks.
  18. james ackerman

    Wanted central cycle supply bikes and parts.

    Looking for any model and parts. need this sprocket!!
  19. Outlaw Ace

    Dart Cycle Kansas CL

    Mini bike
  20. markus

    1960/61 caper cycle

    Bought this caper cycle fixer upper off another member a few months ago: While its not pretty its actually really solid not rusted out or anything but does have 2 major issues, one is the rear sprocket is sawbladed out bad ( I am working on that still) and he other was it had been...