1. slywilliez

    Selling my Show BC1300 sh on ebay

    Bonanza 1300 SH Minibike Mini Bike Frame Rupp Taco Vintage Speedway RARE | eBay It is time to sell, i am selling my first bonanza i restored and spent a lot of money doing it. Take a look, thanks
  2. N

    Selling my bonanza on eBay check it out

    Bonanza MX1410 Mini Bike | eBay
  3. markus

    neat version of the "digger" on ebay

    I love these, Never seen this version of one, I would guess its later (1974/1975) do to the decaling only becuase JC penney decaling went pretty straighforward/bland with the decaling around that time on all the bikes. Looks to have a longer seat area on it over the usually seen version...
  4. capguncowboy

    Beware of Rachel Mierop on Ebay

    I'm not sure who this person actually is, or why they do the things they do, but this person is a menace. When I had my Rupp engine for sale, they purchased it with Buy It Now. Then they immediately sent me a message and said they thought it said a different price. Needless to say, they backed...
  5. Midyrman

    Rupp Goat on eBay

    1969 Rupp Goat Mini Bike Motorcycle Original Survivor 90 Miles Tecumseh Engine | eBay Looking for our Rupp experts' opinions on this bike? Original as advertised? See anything incorrect or missing?
  6. Midyrman

    Bonanza BC 1400-1500 Seat and Gas Tank on eBay

    Both items on eBay and ending later today. Also BC 1300 -1400 exhaust pipe and guard.

    Vintage Trail Horse Ebay!

    Vintage Mini Bike with Tecumseh HS40 | eBay
  8. slywilliez

    First EBay & Craigslist

    First EBay & Craigslist post , so glad to have this back.
  9. Not so mini bike

    Rupp engine on eBay

    I'm just gonna leave this here:wink::thumbsup: https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/162049240612
  10. smwtnbndr

    Trail Horse Chain Guard on Ebay

    Listing for Trail Horse Mini bike chain guard. Vintage Trail Horse Mini Bike Chain Guard | eBay
  11. ludicrous speed

    about these el cheapo tav 2 sets on ebay

    these el cheapo tav 2 sets on ebay,are they any good? i have sorted thru a ton of websites all selling tavs for different prices and they alllllll look the same.?? heres an example. Go Kart Torque Converter Kit CVT Clutch 1" Comet TAV 30 219554A Manco 12T 35 | eBay Go Kart Torque Converter...
  12. JohnnyTillotson

    NOS Clinton engine kit on ebay

    Anyone else see this ebay item?: 152040741796 The stuff of dreams. Hope he gets on butt ton for it.
  13. Biodude

    Restored Roadster on Ebay

    Not sure if anyone has seen it yet, but they call it a 100 point restoration. What does that mean? I am under that impression that it means that the restoration is flawless with no defects. But if a person doesn't use original parts, can it still be a 100 point restoration? Your thoughts...
  14. Mark G

    MTD Clutch cover on ebay

    Vintage Minibike Mini Bike Torque Converter Cover | eBay
  15. Ajf

    Trailhorse ss300 survivor on eBay.

    Can't find the eBay Craigslist section but here's a very nice survivor Trailhorse. Has the wrong gas tank but includes the original. I'm no Trailhorse expert but sounds like a great buy it now price for such a nice survivor. Vintage Used Mini Bike Trailhorse Bonanza Rupp Taco Lil Indian Surviver...
  16. tmack1

    Got my Speedway parts catalog fm ebay.... but..

    Yeah!!! Friday (2-26) I got my Speedway parts list (catalog) that covers my Greenhorn. Won it on eBay. But, interesting thing about the catalog, page 4 has a parts blow-up image.... same image as on page 9. Missing is parts list for items 95 thru 124 which would have been on page 4. Does...
  17. P

    screamer ebay

    a friend had one if these back in the day, the cat dealer only could get one, and my buddy got it, he blew engine the first summer, but it was very fast 1971 Arctic Cat Screamer Vintage Mini Bike West Bend 820 Bonanza Rupp Speedway | eBay
  18. B

    billet h50 rod on ebay!!

    Not mine, but stumbled across it looking for ohh parts. Neat looking piece!! Tecumseh Billet Con Rod H50 5HP Motorsport Rupp Taco Ruttman Mini Bike TT500 | eBay
  19. massacre

    Not Mine But Great Deal for Drag Bike 2 Digitrons on eBay

    Just passing this along, I am not affiliated with the seller in any way. Although I do want to say that I have this model digatron on my blockzilla drag bike and it works great! It will display 4 different inputs, CHT, EGT, RPM, and jackshaft RPM and is backlit, has programmable warning lights...