1. D

    ARC Racing Engine for trade

    Hey everyone I'm just throwing the feelers out there to see what kind of interest I receive. I'm getting to the point where I don't want to go faster anymore :( and I wanted to see who would be interested in a trade of engines. My fear of speed is your gain. I have what started life as a...
  2. Fisher1983

    Engines and engine parts Briggs Tec Honda

    More goodies for sale, must go. 3.5hp Briggs, needs rings. $30 bucks. 3.5hp Tec long block, $30 bucks. Honda GC160 complete and running, $75 bucks. Baja 97cc with header, 2500 clutch, and carb work, 6hrs run time, great running stocker, $60 bucks. Briggs 5hp parts: Make offer. block, needs...
  3. Not so mini bike

    2 stroke engine. West bend or something similar

    Don't know much about them but I want one. Would rather it be ready to go and looking good. Let me know what you have.
  4. C

    Way to tell what year engine was made?

    Hello, trying to find out how old my little engine mill is. Needs and air filter assembly. Model: 61102 (2hp?) type: 940527 serial: 5810080 Thanks Chris
  5. yalipito

    Engine problem, dying

    Ok so here is my problem. Engine was running good with timing at 30* but I adv it 2* in search of the extra bit of power (arc adjustable flywheel) and the bike did not run good. I set timing back to 30 and now the engine blows flames and dies when you hit the throttle hard. I have gone thru...
  6. Aircooled

    Slotting the engine mounting plate

    Hi guys, Just have a quick question. I'm getting ready to mount a Predator 212 to my bike. Of course it will entail drilling 4-holes in the plate...or the other option would be the aluminum adapter plate...but would like to save a few scheckles. I'd like to keep the engine mounting adjustable...
  7. R

    Tecumseh hs-40 lighted engine

    Found this on the Bay HS -40 Lighted Engine Vintage Rupp Mini Bike HS40 Tecumseh Engine | eBay
  8. S

    Tecumseh 5hp Engine

    Have a couple Tec motors I need to sell. Both 5hp. White one is a small frame with 3/4 inch shaft. Keyed and tapped. Picked this up NOS a couple years ago. Was a 2 stage, but I cut PTO off to accept clutch. Put a Minibike throttle on it. Has maybe 2 hours on it. Sat all winter and hesitates a...
  9. Eurotech67

    212 predator engine FREE

    That right, FREE to good home, I got this in a package deal with a comet, this motor has suppositley never been ran, the governor was removed but the correct mods were never completed, have all part to put it back on. Moving and need to make some room, first come first serve, can't hold or ship...
  10. Fisher1983

    Misc Engine Parts

    Cleaning out my workshop. I have a Tecumseh gas tank from an edger, 20 bucks. Tecumseh air cleaner assembly from the same edger...its the old skool metal one, 20 bucks. Tecumseh H35 Power Sport carb with new float, 20 bucks. Briggs 5hp stock rod with dipper, 10 bucks, good shape from an old...

    F.S Ruttman original wheel,engine hardware?

    For Sale,I have 16 original Large Triangle 5/16-18 Bolts from a Ruttman Minibike.Had these for a long time 15 of them are 1 1/2 long and one is 3/4 long,some have the nuts as pictured.Most likely for the wheels or possibly mounting the Engine. Asking $35.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48...
  12. B

    Need a little help to I'd my engine.

    I got this 3hp from a member here and was wondering what the year is to order some gaskets. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.
  13. danford1

    What Tecumseh engine is this?

    I have a Tecumseh engine. It has a pull start shroud that says it is a H30. (H30 35345S Ser 8076B) All the H30's I saw had the exhaust coming out the clutch side. My exhaust is near the Mag side. I suspect someone changed the shroud. Can you guys identify this engine? It runs Great what...
  14. danford1

    Engine Vibration Iinsulators

    I have an old Cat with a 3hp Tecumseh. I want to isolate the engine vibrations from getting to the frame. The engine is just hard mounted to the steel plate with bolts like most minbikes. I tried adding some vibration pucks used for air compressors under the engine. They work great at...
  15. Z

    Clutch help for 460 Vegas Cart Engine

    I was wondering what it is recommended. The bike will be used for track and cruising around. I am a large person 250 lbs. I was considering a higher comet like 40 series or above. The concern is with some of the ones for higher hp they are not made in pairs. Any advice would be appreciated.
  16. R

    Complete nos raptor 2 racing engine

    So Tempting Brand New Briggs and Stratton Raptor 2 1998 Go Kart Racing | eBay
  17. HH50


    Tecumseh HH50
  18. manchester1

    Tecumseh Engine

    I always have trouble dating the Tecumseh engines. HH50 95C46F Serial 9340 1979 built 340th day.:laugh: A little help please. HURRY AND GET A FREE CORRECT ANSEWER.:thumbsup:
  19. C

    NOS Saxonette Automatic

    Never been started, NOS, rare find! $900 OBO. Call or text for more pictures 951-315-6795