3. M

    Baja mini bike enigine- Not starting

    I'm not sure whats going on i put a brand new engine and carb and it still doesn't go the new engine doesn't even start i don't know what i'm doing wrong is there a way to install a new engine ? i put oil , it has gas , new spark plug and it makes a bit of a squeak noise. anyone has any advice ...
  4. Jersey 08903

    Roller and engine

  5. Li'l Popeye

    We have been storing this unidentified engine for over 30 years in our barn.

    As this engine is not part of a minibike I thought this post would best fit here in the off topic section. This little engine has been used to drive a vaccuumpump for milking cows, as I've been told. It must have been before my time. As far as I can identify the engine; It's British/England and...
  6. C

    Need red spray paint for 1958 B&S engine.

    Is it possible to get a color of a 50's vintage? If not can you suggest something close? Thanks
  7. C

    1968 Lil Indian Engine Color

    I'm looking for info on the original briggs engine colors for 1968 Lil Indian models. I believe 2.25hp may have been a different color than the 3hp engines.
  8. C

    71 skeeter 450 engine

    Starting a restore on a 450 BSE engine. There seems to be a plug missing on the left front crankcase just ahead of the pto. Does anyone know what kind of plug or piece should of been there?
  9. chrisr

    Fairbanks engine

    I picked this up today and once we got the fuel shutoffs open with some fresh gas, it started right up. It seems to be a 13hp, but can't seem to find out much about it. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Fox engine

    Fox engine

    Fox Street Scamp - Before photos
  11. Fox Tecumseh Engine

    Fox Tecumseh Engine

    Fox Street Scamp - Before photos
  12. Fox Tecumseh engine

    Fox Tecumseh engine

    Bike - Before pics
  13. Rupp 72

    Tecumseh H50 minibike engine!

    Looking for a Tecumseh H50 with the minibike linkage. I don't need it to be lighted as i have spare lighted flywheels and coils. Hovever if it is lighted that is okay. 1967, 68, or 69 date code would be awesome but it isn't a huge deal. Thanks Nate.
  14. Oldschoolcool

    B&S engine id help

    What hp? What year is it? Is the pto side cover interchangable? i wish to shorten the cam and get a side cover with the 4 bolt hole pattern for mounting a torque converter. Thanks!
  15. Dan-E-boy

    Wanted- Little Petro engine mount

    Looking for an engine mount for my little petro. Might have to build my own but figured I would try and find an original.. Also will need a seat and chain guard... I know it's a long shot lol.. thanks for any help.
  16. Mrknobblies

    Harbor freight- Predator engine coupon

    For anyone interested, just found this coupon on their website. Valid till the end of the month. Pretty good deal!
  17. E

    need jacobsen engine part

    hey i just picked up this jacobsen engine ( i posted more pics here ) https://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/2-cycle-engines/146954-picked-cool-engine.html however the little carb/air filter elbow adapter is cracked. i need yours!
  18. E

    just picked up this cool engine

    hey everyone. i just picked up this engine up along with a 1968 3hp briggs. its complete although the seller did crack the original little 90 degree air filter adapter for the carb by dropping it he said. bummer but looking for a new one or i could fix mine probably. anyways heres the pics...
  19. myjunk

    Tecumseh HS40 engine 1968? $60

    I'm not sure if its a 1968 or 78, at any rate it is what it is. It turns over but I didn't see spark. You are buying it just the way I found it. Look at the pictures and email me if you have any questions. $60 plus shipping from Mi. Thank you
  20. X

    ID and engine help

    I picked up a Super Bronc that someone did a mild resto on. First off they painted the engine and it looks like the ID plate is gone from the Fan cover. Is there any casting numbers or something to help me ID this engine? I was told it is an 8hp. I pulled off the flywheel it had a part number of...