1. gwoods27

    H70 Lighting Coil

    Looking for a lighting coil for an H70 points engine. Anyone know the part #? Can the same coil be used on other engines, like HS50/40 or H60/50 etc…
  2. R

    Need Exhaust and Muffler for 1969 Rupp Digger - Tecumseh H50 Engine

    Looking for original lock nut, 45 degree 3/4 inch exhaust header and short muffler to fit a 1969 Rupp Digger with a Tecumseh H50 engine (5 horsepower).
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  6. Rupp 72

    Tecumseh H50 minibike engine!

    Looking for a Tecumseh H50 with the minibike linkage. I don't need it to be lighted as i have spare lighted flywheels and coils. Hovever if it is lighted that is okay. 1967, 68, or 69 date code would be awesome but it isn't a huge deal. Thanks Nate.
  7. Sixpac440

    How to make my own silencer for a H50 Motorsports engine?

    I could buy a slip on but I would prefer to try to make my own for aesthetic and fitment reasons ... I will come off the motor with a flange to a 1" header pipe, swing the pipe down to the mounting plate and 90 degree bend it so it goes straight back to a silencer ... How do I make one...
  8. CLH

    (rusty) Tecumseh H50 blower housing / recoil shroud - FREE

    I bought this shroud off eBay and the bottom ended up having rust holes in the bottom when I started sanding it. Didnt want to use it on my resto because of it. Other than the few small holes its solid. Extra ventilation. It came from Michigan. :hammer: It is free to anyone willing to pay...
  9. Sixpac440

    Tec H50 with Oval Bore Mikuni problem ... pics and Videos ...

    I have a NOS Tecumseh H50 motorsports engine and I put a Mikuni 22mm oval bore on it. It gets to 6500 rpm and stutters .. if the throttle is cracked wide open it bogs down. I have played with the stock jet by drilling it open and adjusting the clip on the pin. I have tried it with and...
  10. Sixpac440

    How do you "break in" a Tec H50 motorsports engine?

    Dumb question that I do not have the answer to!!
  11. slywilliez

    WANTED Big block Tec H50 throttle linkage.

    Need for the bike build off, Big block Tec H50 throttle linkage. Let me know what you have. I have the correct cover, just need the linkage but would be interested in a complete setup also. Thanks
  12. J

    How to Pull a flywheel easily on a H50?

    Have a H50 that I need to pull the flywheel on to check out the kill switch wire, bike was running fine last summer then died and wouldn't start. Cast Iron Flywheel has no tapped holes for pulling. Any ideas?
  13. CarPlayLB

    Need help for H50 date code

    I have a friend that has this H50 65242H 9248 17002 any help is appreciated
  14. CarPlayLB

    Chrome header for Briggs5HP/Raptor/Tec H50

    I know...it's awesome...right? This was tig welded by a certified welder with an RLV muffler on the end. I had a support bracket welded to the pipe and made a fancy adapter for the strut. Comes with stainless allen head bolts to the block. Need to get $100 plus actual shipping on this one...
  15. james ackerman

    Older tecumseh H50.

    Motor runs on starting fluid, sounds strong. $175 plus shipping. Feel free to ask any questions.
  16. Sixpac440

    Tec H50 New VS Old?

    Is this Tecumseh 5.0HP shortblock (994k) | eBay just a new version of my 1970 H50 or is it a performance built motor? Kevin
  17. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H50 for Parts, Repair or Restore

    Tecumseh H50 65540V {E} 5088R Crank is rounded? Bought a go kart years ago with this on it, doubt if it was original. Go kart long gone. Took off head to inspect the cylinder, (OK) but that was 20 years ago, Shed has since eaten the head, like a sock in the dryer. Great for parts or...
  18. B

    H50 lighting coil question

    Just picked up a lighted h50. What does it put out 12v or 6v. What to buy a headlight and not sure about voltage. Thanks.
  19. Scumbag


    Tecumseh H50 BLOWER SHROUD with RECOIL STARTER, plus, original Hardware & foam cover. -original paint- $25 (plus shipping) Pull-start recoils nicely
  20. B

    H50 mini bike linkage question

    Just got this lighted h50 with the mini bike throttle setup but it's missing the linkage rods. Where can I find these and which ones do I need. Thanks.