1. gwoods27

    H70 Lighting Coil

    Looking for a lighting coil for an H70 points engine. Anyone know the part #? Can the same coil be used on other engines, like HS50/40 or H60/50 etc…
  2. Z

    Tecumseh HS50 and Carburetors

    I recently restored a Rupp Roadster 2 mini bike. Part of this project was to use a NOS HS50 motor. Since the motor was originally for a snowblower, I had to find a slant intake manifold to mount the stock carb. It would run great at slow and medium speeds, but would completely fall apart at...
  3. gwoods27

    HS50-62023 - Compression question

    Any one know the proper compression reading for a HS50-67023. Just rebuilt one with new rings(measured proper gaps and gaps spaced properly), cyclinder honed, valves lapped, valve guides w/in specs, valve gap w/in spec. Im only getting about 60 psi. Shouldnt it be more than that?
  4. O

    Hs50 high compression copper head gasket

    Does anyone know the thickness of the old high performance copper head gaskets for Hs40s back in the day? The ones that increased compression. I am looking for something similar for some upcoming hs50(and hs40)builds.
  5. Fisher1983

    Tec HS50 versus H35 Power Sport

    So...I'm in the process of building my HS50 5hp engine. I have seen that the OHH50 billet rod fits the HS50. Today I acquired an H35 Power Sport 3.5hp and opened it up. I realized that the crank cases for both engines are identical. In fact, the side cover gasket I bought for the 50 is the same...
  6. Oldschoolcool

    Thanks for the HS50 help!

    From this....
  7. Oldschoolcool

    Which hole on HS50 carb for govener linkage?

    Which of the 3 small holes on the carborater throttle should the govenor linkage be connected to? Thanks!
  8. deezildennis

    Nova 2 Ignition module on tecumseh hs50? Anyone done it?

    Anyone? I have 2 hs50's I am working on. I'd like to do away with the points on these and came across this Nova 2 ignition module. I see a guy putting it on a briggs in this video. Has anyone used these on the hs50 Tecumseh engines? https://youtu.be/t3RI05TUSVs
  9. F

    Tec HS50 Drop Slant Intake Issues

    I decided to put a HS50 on my Rupp R2 while I get the 10 HP vibration issues worked out. I partially freshened up a low use 50 I have cleaned and lapped the valves, put in new points, condenser, coil and carburetor, when I tried to start the 50 it was difficult to get going and when I dialed in...
  10. Oldschoolcool

    HS50 new carb issue no start

    I bought a new carb off ebay for my HS50 build. It doesn't seem to be getting gas to the spark plug as the plug is bone dry when I pull it. The plug has spark and will pop the engine over if I give it a shot of starter fluid. I began with backing out the carb adjustment screws one full turn from...
  11. David wulf

    My hs50 rebuild

    I've had this little HS for awhile now . Last time I did some port work I didn't pull it completely down and got some trash in it and scored the piston and Cylinder. So I had to find a 10 over TEC piston which took almost 2 months. I got her back together today . This motor is pretty much...
  12. gwoods27

    WTB Tecumseh Taylor Spark Arrestor for HS50

    Looking for a Taylor 200 Spark Arrestor for HS50 (non slant mounted)
  13. T

    Wanted Tecumseh HS50 motor with lighing coil

    Hunting for an HS 50 for our AC - Gilson mini-bike. Prefer a good- running one, but consider one that needs rebuilt! Also prefer one with lighting coil.
  14. Sprocket86

    Tecumseh HS50 slant intake needed for MTD build.

    Hey folks. I'm in need of a HS50 slant intake manifold for my 1971 MTD mini bike build. It's the last part I need to complete this build. Please let me know what you've got and I really appreciate it. Cheers:thumbsup: Scott
  15. J

    RUPP Mini Bike w/HS50 Engine for SALE

    I've had this Rupp mini bike for almost 20 years. . had fun riding it here and there, moving, need to downsize. Not sure of the model. Tecumseh engine HS50-67204D. Serial 2098. Wheels are 12" w/Rupp tires. Ran fine before winter, didn't start in spring, removed carb for cleaning and haven't...
  16. Sprocket86

    Hs50 slant intake

    Hi there. Still looking for a Tecumseh HS50 slant intake for my 1971 MTD model 520 mini bike. Let me know what you want $$ Thanks.
  17. Sprocket86

    Tec HS50 upper fuel tank bracket removal

    Going to be removing the upper fuel tank bracket from my HS50 engine. When doing so, do you reuse the steel spacers that go under the bracket for the head bolts? I would think you would remove them if not using the engine mounted fuel tank, but then would you need shorter head bolts? Thanks.
  18. Sprocket86

    HS50 slant intake manifold.

    Getting closer to finishing my 1971 MTD build and I'm in need of a Tecumseh HS50 slant intake manifold. If anyone has one that they would part with, shoot me a PM with a price please. Thanks.
  19. Sprocket86

    HS50 Camshaft help.

    I eliminated the compression release "bump" on the intake cam lob on my 1976 Tec HS50. I like the added compression but man it's a bear to turn over and I'm afraid of breaking the pull starter while I'm out on a ride, away from the house. My question is, are the factory Tec camshafts for the...
  20. lostinbaja

    Need a little advice on my HS50 carb.

    I'm in the process of cleaning up and painting a HS50 for my JC Penneys/Bird Mini. The question I have is can I plug the nipple for the primer? Will the bike start and run OK without the primer?