1. myjunk

    Rupp mini go joe

    Does anyone have any pictures of a Rupp mini go with the correct engine and gas tank. I read in the book that it should have a Tecumseh 3.5 hp engine, however I have read somewhere that the early ones came with a Clinton engine. This would make some sense as I have a Rupp Herbie go kart that did...
  2. C

    Newbie mini bike guy with questions

    Hello all, I'm contemplating buying a mini bike for restoration or buying a brand new kit as a winter project for me and my sons to work on together. Vintage bikes seem to bring more money than the readily available new kits that I'm finding. Are there any pros or cons to buying a new kit...
  3. Cpl2442

    First Mini Bike

    Never owned a mini bike before. Rode one a little as a kid. Rebuilt an old vertical shaft Briggs on my lawn mower, and got kind of hooked on small engines. Ended up getting some free pipe from work and an Briggs Intek from Craigslist from a broken power washer and slowly the dream is...
  4. myjunk

    Heath GT 101 Mini bike 1970? Hilltopper

    This is just the way I found it, I have way too many projects ahead of this so I am selling it. I believe it to be a Heath GT 101 (Hilltopper)? It has a Tecumseh h50 engine that turns freely, however the guy before me put the air gun on the flywheel nut and broke the threaded end of the...
  5. E

    Foremost Mini Bike Resurrection (Bird/JCPenny/Sears)

    I recently picked up this mini bike frame for 30 bucks at a local motorcycle swap meet. It has issues, mainly the front fork is bent beyond repair. The main frame is straight but the kickstand is bent up, missing the scrub brake, the front fender mount missing, the rear one broken, and there is...
  6. james ackerman

    Wtb december 1969 mini bike buyers guide.

    Looking for this guide for the simple fact that it has some articles on ccs chargers. If you know of any other articles from other years or other magazines please let me know so I can add them to my charger information collection...
  7. olddog

    Mini in NJ

    It could be placed in the ugly seat thread as well, what is this?
  8. S

    43 MPH mini bike with good brakes

    new rear tire and tube. new hardware, new clutch brake, new cables, new kill switch, new throttle, new seat, new paint, I'm sure I'm missing a couple things. its fast and its durable. the main frame is a bonanza. I'm not sure what the forks are off of. I'm asking 750 obo local pickup only...
  9. bremerman

    Jumping in. (back into Mini Bikes/scooters since I was 14.)

    Any hoo, I live between Rockford and Chicago Illinois. My first mini bike was a yellow Sears 4hp with 6" wheels and scrub brake. Later I picked up a rolling chassis with 4" wheels. Forward many decades, and I recently picked up a Bremer Mini scoot and recently a Doodle Bug.
  10. S

    Can anyone ID this mini bike? Heathkit or Heald?

    I picked up this bike the other day thinking it was a boonie bike but now i'm not quite sure. Toward the front of the engine plate has what I think is the serial number, it reads "SER.00040". Those are the only markings ive found on it so far. I think the original color was red. The...
  11. jimkemp

    Springer forks for a standard mini bike frame

    Put together a set of short springer forks for this little frame I had sitting in the corner of the shop , now I have a reason to finish this bike just so I can try out the forks , they make the wheel base about 4" longer than the stock forks that were on it
  12. myjunk

    NOMAD Mini bike question

    So I'm going through this guys yard and I see this old mini bike. The front says NOMAD The snow company Omaha Nebr. Most likely a 1960sMini bike? I know nothing about this brand, can somebody tell me a little history about them, and should I go back and buy it for $30? ( I know I probably just...
  13. D

    Speedway mini bike parts new old stock on ebay!!!

    Parts listed in wrong section about to go off cheap look up speedway mini bike new old stock light set. Not in the normal vintage mini bike section 9 closed bags to make the speedway street legal.
  14. RustyRedneck

    Mini Drag Bike?

    I've almost got my 2017 OldMiniBikes Build-off bike done (a little late, I know) and I'm already thinking about next years. I was just curious if anybody actually drag races mini bikes. I've seen a few that are built like hey might go in a straight line pretty well but, is it actually a thing or is it...
  15. E

    want nova mini bike parts

    interested in buying your nova mini bike parts. chain cover wheels fork cap / nut cover or anything you have
  16. deezildennis

    Sears Fat tire mini bike tire size?

    I have a few Sears mini bikes with the swingarm/motor plate. I am wanting to build a fat tire bike pretty much the same as the Sears fat tire mini. Does anyone know off hand the front and rear tire size and rim/wheel size these had stock? Thanks ahead of time!
  17. S

    Marzocchi Mini Bike Forks For Sale!

    I have a set of Marzocchi mini bike forks for sale. These were sold to me as part of a Taco ST-100 by a disreputable member here, when they were not the proper forks for that frame. They would likely fit a mini cycle better, due to their overall length & length of the steering head tube...
  18. jaimenv

    Just got this mini baja and can't figure out

    What hp engine it has. Is there a way of telling if it is a 5.5 or a 6.5 hp. It runs as is and the lights work, it has a jackshaft setup I am going to get rid off and install a chino TAV. Appreciate any hints on the jackshaft to tav swap. Its missing the chain guard any idea where to...
  19. K

    reo mower engine mini bike

    thinking about picking this up for a possible tom thumb mini bike engine. has anyone used them for a mini and can u find a centrifugal clutch for them
  20. Fatboy04

    No a mini bike, but I Just had to have them,

    They are just way cool, :scooter::scooter: Ok Not a mini bike