1. bremerman

    WTD Counter clockwise rope pull start (pulley)

    Thanks in advance. :wink:
  2. myjunk

    Drive / driven pulley question

    I'm not sure I'm in the right section, but I will ask the question anyway, please move it to the right section if need be. I am building a go kart out of left over pieces I have lying around. I am having a senior moment and want to be sure I have the pulleys going in the right direction before I...
  3. mini one

    Tecumseh Recoil covers and starter pulley assemblies

    Thinning out the stuff a little. The older box on the top right has the wrong part number on it FYI, the recoil cover was just in that box when I got it... Everything you see for 50.00 plus shipping (be patient) from 12302 zip in NY or trades for Trail Horse/clone/predator...
  4. H

    TAV Driven Pulley Locknut Question?

    Well I have a new generic TAV. It came with the driven pulley locknut (nylock) loose. Is this an adjustment or should I simply torque it to a certain spec. Or just go ahead and tighten it? Sorry for the newbie question but I did search and came up short. Three letter words like "nut" and "TAV"...
  5. CarPlayLB

    Powell driven pulley

    Howdee! Here is a nice Powell driven unit. I believe it is from a model D, but not 100% sure of that. There are some small dents that should be an easy fix. The pic facing the pulley is where is the dent is. It probably could use new bearings. The sprocket has wear, but is definitely useable...
  6. Z

    Not sure about this pulley

    I recently pulled an old mini bike out of my Dad's shed. It's in pretty rough shape. The front sticker says Texas ranger Mini Bike and that's about all I know about it. I'm not sure what to make of the pulley on the jack shaft. I'm not sure how I should remove it. I'm afraid a puller might...

    Trying to remove the driven pulley on Alsport Trike

    Is there any trick to this? Ive loosened both lock nuts on each side of the driven. I've sprayed WD40 and let sit over night, heated with a torch and haven't moved it a bit.:hammer:
  8. G

    Clutch on jack shaft???

    I started a thread elsewhere but think it might be more appropriate here. I'm new to mini bikes and picked up project. I have a generac 216cc. It came with a pulley on the output shaft. The output shaft is threaded. That pulley would turn a belt on a jack-shaft. The jack-shaft is 3/4" with a...
  9. JohnnyTillotson

    Belt drive clutch ID?

    Does anyone know the make of this one? Seems old but its in great shape. I'd like to use it on an mtd. But would it be compatible with the driven pulley on it?
  10. CmeBckKd

    Comet 30 Series Torque Converter

    What does switching the clutch springs on the driven pulley do? The stiffer the springs are the higher the rpm range is. But what is it doing differently? Shifting at higher rpms or engaging the drive pulley at a higher rpm? What's the benefit?
  11. Bikerscum

    Old torque converter, is there some way to adjust....

    the engagement point? As soon as the engine fires the driver pulley slides over against the belt wanting to engage. When I kill the engine just as it comes to a stop the pulley slides back away from the belt. If I take that black bell off will things try to find their way back to the factory...
  12. UnorthodoxCreat

    Assymetric Drive Pulley Sizing

    I was planning on using a TAV2 on my Gilson Restomod but it doesn't look like there is enough room with the jackshaft. My new plan is to buy a Comet 30 Series driver and driven pulleys and mount the driven pulley on the jackshaft. I see the driven pulley comes in 6" and 7" versions. Can anyone...
  13. Y

    Heald 1974? SuperBronc VT-8

    I got my hands on one of these. I am rebuilding it with a Tecumseh 10Hp. I am reconfiguring the gear ratio putting a 12 tooth gear off the drive pulley vs. the original 9 tooth gear. The Comet 30 series had already been set to the zero setting for flat land fast easy shifting. I believe I'll...
  14. R

    670 tote gote nova pulley removal

    Hey guys I could really use some help I'm trying to restore this bike as close to original. Hasent been hard being that the gote was in awesome shape to begin with. I'm trying to take the pulley off the worm drive and I can't get the back half off that is Hooked to the high low rod. Looks like...
  15. R

    8hp Briggs flywheel side pulley

    Looking for a pulley that would have bolted on the flywheel side of an 8hp flathead Briggs. 6hp or 7hp would work as well I suppose. If one of these exists for a 5hp I'd like one of those as well. These were for those starter/generators. Let me know what you have.
  16. P

    Driven Pulley Help

    I'm trying to get the driven pulley off of my '70 Rupp, and I'm stumped. Here's what it looked like before removing the nut: I have no clue what that square piece of metal is under the nut... it was bent up on one end (over the nut), so I suspect it was some kind of hacked version of a...
  17. Bug_Doctor

    play in TAV30 driven pulley

    Hi - new to the forum - recently obtained a pair of Trail Sport minis w/3.5 hp Tecumseh engines that had been stored for a number of years, and fixing one up for my son for Christmas - the torque converter has some play in the rear pulley, the bearings etc. all seem good but it is loose where it...
  18. KustomKartKid

    NOS V-Plex 6" Driven Pulley and Belt

    NOS V-Plex 6" Driven Pulley and Belt. This is the style that was used on the larger MTD bikes like the Trail Flite...5/8" bore with built-in keys fits on jackshaft...includes a NOS genuine V-Plex belt which is approx 29" o.d....I believe this is the correct belt for MTD also but I'm not sure...
  19. P

    Belt drive question!

    g'day. cant find much info on this and have seen its not very popular on the net. but how would a minibike drive using a pulley from motor to a pulley on the back wheel, so 2 pulleys, 1 belt. Pro's and Con's? any info will help.:bowdown: thanks!
  20. O

    Help clutch broke at the pulley (gearing???) jackshafts

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI EVERYONE I GOT ANOTHER PROBLEM MY CLUTCH IS SHOT!!!! All i have is another clutch that is 10t chain drive, well the only other gears i have for my jackshaft would be 12t in 12t out, 60t final axle. well that didnt works so well gearing must...