1. james ackerman

    Correct fox trailbug rear rim and sprocket?

    I'm so confused on the correct rear wheel for a fox trail bug. I've seen multiple kinds that are stated to be correct. Could someone post a picture of the correct rear wheel assembly and sprocket please.
  2. C

    Wanted sidekick rear wheel....

    I am looking for a sidekick rear wheel. Thanks
  3. Street Smart

    lookin for a rear axle differential for a three wheeler

    I`m lookin to build another three wheeled mini bike and need a "peerless" type of differential. Last one I bought from Northern, worked well. Let me know what you have.
  4. trinik7597

    Cat rear wheels and clutch cover

    Two cat rear wheels with drum style sprocket's $35 each shipped and repoped clutch cover $45 shipped
  5. gammatg

    Gilson/Montgomery Wards/AC front and rear axles

    $30 shipped to your door.
  6. JohnnyTillotson

    El Tigre Rear Wheel wanted

    I bought one months ago and finally got around to installing and see if a little bit too wide. Like 1/4 inch. Maybe there was more than one model through the years with slightly different dinensions?
  7. L

    Rear doodle bug rim wanted

    Looking for complete rear rim, brake disc, with rear axle and spacers.. Please post or pm me thank you
  8. OND

    Powell Mini Bike Rear Half Wheel/ Brake Drum

    Powell mini bike rear wheel half / brake drum does have some cracks around the bolt holes $25.00 plus shipping. Also for sale on Ebay.
  9. S

    Rear wheel spacer size?

    Does anyone know the size of the two spacers used on the rear wheel? I figured I would make them myself but im having a hard time finding their size. Mainly the length. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. B

    Wtb rear rim and hub

    I need a rear 6" wheel an hub for my trail horse. Thanks.
  11. CarPlayLB

    Gilson/Wards rear chainguard

    I am looking for the chainguard for a Gilson/Wards that bolts to the swingarm. It is the white piece in the pic. Let me know what you have! I have cash, stamps, PayPal, items to trade, canned goods, cured meats, a date with Trinik, or plenty of advice to sell!
  12. B

    Wtb Fox Sprite rear fender

    Looking for a rear fender for my fox Sprite. Thanks.
  13. creia

    Super Bronc Rear Tire

    It looks like we may be in need of a new rear tire. OEM size is knobby 21 X 12 - 8. My internet search has shown these are quite rare. 22 X 11 - 8 is a very common size you can find all over the internet. Have any of you installed these taller tires on your Super Bronc w/o any clearance issues...
  14. OND

    * Needing a Motovox Rear Wheel *

    Has anyone got a Motovox rear wheel for sale ? With or without the sprocket and rotor. I think DB wheels are also the same....needing a rear wheel. Thanks in advance ond.
  15. OND

    DB Rear Wheel/Motovox Rear Wheel

    Does anyone know if the Motovox rear wheel is the same as a DB rear wheel ? Thanks ond.
  16. manchester1

    Need photo. Cat dominator rear wheel.

    Does anybody have a good photo of the rear wheel? Mostly looking for a good photo of the rear drum brake set-up. Thank you for any help.:thumbsup:
  17. Jrturbo

    Wanted: Wheels and rear brake assembly for a wards.

    Need a rear brake assembly and wheels like picture. Or if anyone know what wheels i can make work with a band type system. Thanks
  18. CarPlayLB

    rear sprockets with hub and brake

    Hola! Como esta? I have two sprocket, hub, brake set ups. One has a 72 tooth sprocket and the other is a 60 tooth sprocket, both for #35 chain. These come with the bolts and spacers. These fit Manco and Lomart/Cheeftah wheels, and probably many others. These are new parts that have been stored...
  19. J

    HELP - Replacement for DB30S Rear wheel set up

    Ok, I'm hoping someone has had this challenge. I can't find a rear wheel for my kids DB30S -- serial number starts with the LUAH... What / How did anyone come up with a work around? Thank you in advance for your knowledge and advice. Jeff
  20. S

    WTB Trail Blazer LTD 130 Rear Fender

    Looking for a nice rear fender with no dents/cracks/etc. Original baby blue would be a bonus! Thank you.