1. New Rear Rack

    New Rear Rack

    This is the new rear rack I built
  2. New Rear Rack

    New Rear Rack

    This is the new rear rack I built
  3. New Rear Rack

    New Rear Rack

    This is the new rear rack I built
  4. New Rear Rack

    New Rear Rack

    This is the new rear rack I built
  5. New Rear Rack

    New Rear Rack

    This is the new rear rack I built
  6. maknwar

    Looking for doodlebug rear fender

    Needing old style, DB30, rear fender. Color doesn't matter.
  7. C

    OldMiniBikes rear sprockets

    If you have used a OldMiniBikes AZ 2151 sprocket or something comparable, were you satisfied with the quality? I have to have whatever brand I get machined, So I don't want to get something that won't last.
  8. C

    Mikuni manifold DIY facing rear

    I need to change direction of carburetor for fit. Has anyone used this method to redirect carburetor towards rear? Any performance issues using small section of hoe? Using radiator hose in-between cut manifold AGK - DIY Curved Manifold - Affordable Go Karts thanks
  9. Stitch

    WTB Original DB30 rear wheel / front wheel

    Hi, I picked up a project DB 30 for $35.00 and was going to use it for parts. After a closer inspection, I decided that I would like to rebuild it. I need the rear and front wheels hopefully with spacers but not necessary. I have pretty much everything else needed. Thanks guys!
  10. C

    Sensation MB6A rear sprocket

    I'm Looking for a rear drive sprocket for my Sensation MB6A (MIKE BIKE). Any help would be great, Thanks everyone! Steve.
  11. slywilliez

    Rupp rear wheel cheap

    Rupp rear wheel. 35 bucks plus shipping
  12. 125ccCrazy

    What do you think of these tires for the rear of my trike?

    Trike will be mostly street and dirt ridden....thinking about these wheels also Should I go black wheels or polished? ..
  13. Outlaw Ace

    Arco specific wheels front and rear

    Arco 6" wheels good sprocket not in bad shape overall $100 shipped pm for pics
  14. FOMOGO

    New DB30 rear wheels

    I have some new DB30 rear wheels. They are new take offs from bikes that were scraped/crushed. Apparently they were test ridden at the factory as the rotors have a slight scuff to them. Just enough to show a mark. They are complete with tire, wheel, bearings, rotor, sprocket and bolts. I have to...
  15. cheezy1

    Bonanza rear wheel assembly

    Bonanza rear wheel assembly. The is something you don't have and need. The bad...tire is flat and starting to dry rot and sprocket is starting to shark tooth. But the brake is there and and rim is in good condition. I will not remove the tire...I am lazy and just never had luck with...
  16. brown boonie

    Bonanza rear fender bracket

    Just like it says, I need a rear fender bracket. Pm me with info. Thanks.
  17. Studeman68

    Boonie Bike rear tire

    Looking for a nice, or NOS Goodyear 18/8.50/8 like was used on the rear of Boonie Bikes. I have a nice front, would really like to have the correct rear one for my Boonie. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  18. B

    Wtb Arco rear fender

    Look'in for a rear fender for an Arco 4 1/2"w 10" L boot holes are 2 1/2" on center. This is the old one in the pics. Thanks
  19. R

    Front and rear 6" CAT wheels with stars and tires

    First time selling something on here, so if I am doing something wrong, please let me know and I will correct it. I have what I believe to be a set of 6 wheels off of a CAT 250x. (I am not 100% certain I've identified them correctly, but its my best guess). I got them in a trade and planned...
  20. V

    wtb doodle bug rear rim

    wtb doodlebug rear rim with disk brake. not a drum brake rim.