1. Chain Linkin

    Lambton Old-School Mini Bike Racing Association - Video Update

    I started a new thing a few months ago where I post videos of our racing on Youtube. Here's my latest. Since I'm (usually) racing these videos are bit and pieces of the videos and picture from our spectators. https://youtu.be/i5Ec28uTBpQ If I messed up the link, the title of the video on...
  2. Fantic Freddy

    UPDATE on Docdc

    Doc's wife just called and said Doc's surgery went well today. They were able to make some meaningful repairs, so now only time will tell how much it will contribute to his future health. Doc still has a long road to recovery ahead of him. I'll keep you guys updated as I get news. Keep him in...
  3. Von Zipper

    Taco update

    Today I removed the taco from it's place in storage and proceeded to install a repo clutch cover I bought at least a year ago. My original plan was to paint it with polished letters. I got started sanding and got carried away. In case you are wondering why it had to wait so long, I have posted a...
  4. yalipito

    Project K&S update

    It has been a little while since I started this project and it was put on hold while I worked on the house but today I worked on it a bit and here it is almost done. Ideas, opinions and comments are welcome.
  5. ReapersRide

    Update on my post of idle issue or save my Briggs

    Ok so I followed everyone inputs on this 5 HP Briggs. My brother took it to his shop. He machined the bore and inserted a fresh cast iron sleeve. He put a nice cross hatch pattern on the sleeve. He decked the mating surfaces on the block and the head. I purchased a new head gasket. He polished...
  6. bwherry1721

    Sportsman 700 Restore Update April 3, 2016

    Hello Restore project on my Sportsman 700 is going great. Now that the weather is heating up in Colorado we have almost completed our painting of the frame etc. Here is my prior post and here are the new pictures. Very excited as we are getting close to completing the restore...
  7. C

    Update on my BDM mini bike

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ5PQ231v4Q Feel free to watch the other videos as well.
  8. B

    Update! And simple question

    Hiya Folks! We completed our minibike build a week or two ago, after 3 month FUN build! My son and I are having the time of our lives on it....he is SO proud that "we built it"! And I am like a little kid reliving the same sense of exhilaration, fear of getting caught lol. I know you all know...
  9. Timmahhhhh

    1971 Ruttman Toad Update!!!

    Here is an update of my Ruttman. Before it had a 79cc Predator which ran great, but simply didn't have a whole lot of torque. It now has a more period authentic 5 hp Briggs flattie with a 22mm Mikuni clone carb. It also has 5" TriStars for a little bit more ground clearance. She goes up ANY hill...
  10. P

    Rat Trike Update

    built this a couple years back and going with a new rear end and new motor.should be interesting.
  11. M


    June 14 my mbc Team IV well be having a bbq and ride.:laugh: It's Will be held here in Sacramento, and every one is welcome to come. I will up update with details very soon. Here is our newest video of us just doing what we do. TEAM IV MINI BIKE CLUB - YouTube
  12. Ding Ding

    Gemini update & SSScat

    Hey fellas. Been a while. Thought I'd share an update on the Gemini. I found the perfect size vintage checkered handlebar pad for it on ebay(I think it was the only one left in the world, and it was like 8 bucks!) and I put on an old number 5 decal I had from my bmx days. I think it completed...
  13. 6.5hp Shinebox

    22 mm Carb for predator 212?

    No governor, header, intake, valve springs, dyno cam , arc rod All modifications have been done above..looking to update carb from stock... Would a 22mm mikuni carb be a fit or what?
  14. Randy

    R.I.P Wayne P Keller

    With a heavy heart I need to let you all know that on Sunday 12-14 my father, Wayne, passed away. I have a lot I'd like to say but I'm sitting here pretty much at a loss for words. If and when I can put them to paper I'll update this post. I'll also update it with his obit and online memorial...
  15. T

    Update Go Kart

    hello guys i found what i needed in my older post but i have a new problem.... i bought a sprocket and its fits on my axle a little to big but it has 2 small holes on the side and i would like to know if i can somehow use these holes to tighten my sprocket on the axle or is there another way...
  16. flpmurphy

    Minico update

    Got this old minco last summer for my 6yr old. Its been hanging out in the shed doing nothing. Got this thing for 25 bucks guy couldn't get it started. Cleaned carb bam started up runs good for a old 2hp briggs. As time went by a gathered a few parts. z50 repop bars z50 brake pads, brake cable...
  17. P

    tri-sport update

    putting the finishing touches on the tri-sport and then it's time for a test run.
  18. B

    Update on the super bronc

    I've done a bit of work. I figured I would share it. Frame is painted. And I'm back to a rolling chassis. Engine is cleaned and painted Fenders are also painted Goals for the next week. Rebuild the clutch and clutch brake Make a new seat Just thought you guys might like to see it.
  19. S

    Fury Bird Update

    Decided not to do a full restoration but leave this bike in original condition and fix the things that needed attention and work over the important things like bearings and Etc.. Added 212predator w/billet flywheel 14cc head 18lb springs Dover carb Cam Custom pipe. Still gotta find a...
  20. M

    doodlebug overhaul update

    hey everyone i got my frame back from powdercoat,i got a flat black with a slight texture it came out really awesome,also installed an air filter and just rejetted my pradtor today,did some custom stuff such as new foot pegs, pro taper handlebars with honda rancher clamps,also reinforrced the...