1. Windber 2017

    Windber 2017

    Windber 2017
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    Windber 2017

    Windber 2017
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    Windber 2017

    Windber 2017
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    Windber 2017

    Windber 2017
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    Windber 2017

    Windber 2017
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    Windber 2017

    Windber 2017
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    Windber 2017

    Windber 2017
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    Windber 2017

    Windber 2017
  9. R


    I went to Windber again , no fun. I drove about 6 hours , rented a hotel room for 2 nights , pulled in to the reunion and was told that I would have to pay 50.00$ just to park. I was pulling an 8 foot U- haul. I declined, We walked around a little bit talked to a few people and left. I will...
  10. danford1

    Who from South East Michigan is going to Windber?

    Who from South East Michigan is going to Windber? I need to have a Hilltopper minibike moved from here to Windber. I can probably bring it to your house before you leave. I can give you a few bucks to do it too. Let me know. Thanks Danford1
  11. B

    Help getting a mini bike from Cleveland to Windber.

    Hello, Does anyone who is going to Windber live near Cleveland or Sandusky Ohio and be willing to pick up a mini bike and bring to Windber for me? Willing to pay if someone has the room for it. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  12. Studeman68

    Ride for a Mini from Windber?

    Hi, I've purchased a small Mini from another member here (Slywilliez) who is willing to bring it to Windber. Wondering if anyone may be willing to let it tag a ride back toward SE Michigan, or I could meet in Toledo area of Ohio? Willing to pay to have it brought back.. Please let me know if...
  13. danford1

    Transporting a minbike from southeast Michigan to Windber

    I'm selling a Hilltopper minibike and the buyer wants to pick it up at Windber. I'm not sure if I can make it to Windber... In case I can't take it there myself, I would like a back up plan. Is there anyone from Michigan going to Windber that has room for another minibike? I live in White Lake...
  14. danford1

    Windber, How much money does it cost you guys for the weekend?

    Lets talk about Windber and how much it costs for the weekend. I mean from when you leave home until you get home again. Gas, Food, camping/lodging, registration etc. For instance. I'm about 400 miles or 8 hours away. I just took a 223 mile trip today to pick up a minibike. I filled the van...
  15. ogygopsis

    Windber 2017 ?

    Has anyone heard or received any information as to whether there is going to be a minibike reunion at Windber this year? After the fiasco last year I'm thinking Jeff may be fed up. And I wouldn't blame him. Any news? Ogy
  16. gumpit

    Windber Mini Bike Reunion 2017

    Ok. Who is going?
  17. bikerboybenny8

    "The Windber Challenge"

    I remember back a few years ago watching a video on YouTube where a couple of fellas went around a flea market and found everything needed to build a mini bike, and they tried to get it running.. Was wondering if anyone's ever attempted something like this at Windber? There should be a contest...
  18. M

    2016 Windber raffle minibike what 2 do/discussion?

    Hi All, I, butcherbill (mini bike dad) won the 2016 Arco beautifully/totally restored minibike this year at the minibike reunion in Windber,Pa.I know,I know, I won two in 8 yrs.! I planned on surprising/giving it 2 my 15 yr. daughter. Well it did not go as planned, she wants nothing 2 do with...
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    Windber 2016
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    Windber 2016