1. Windber Photos 2012

    Windber Photos 2012

    Charlie with Sparkplug Helmet and His son Brennen
  2. Windber Photos 2012

    Windber Photos 2012

    The Florida Connection
  3. Windber Photos 2012

    Windber Photos 2012

  4. Windber Photos 2012

    Windber Photos 2012

    Early Friday Morning
  5. Windber Photos 2012

    Windber Photos 2012

    My rides
  6. Rupp 72

    Windber Minibike Reunion Scrapbook

    lets see all of the great photos, bikes, and stories from the Windber minibike reunion here. :scooter:
  7. buckeye

    The Not Going To Windber Thread

    Figured everyone is gonna be braggin, showing pics, videos, and the fun that goes with it. What you gonna do this weekend? Meeting up with my 33 year old daughter for lunch,on her, and our annual beach walk on Pensacola Beach. We review the past year and talk about the comming year. So...
  8. shelby28

    The Road To Windber

    So 6 months or so ago I got to talking to a member about an event I only knew as windber.I was instently hooked. I'm a newer member and was some what new to mini bikes. I talked to my pops about it and we decided it would be fun to drive out and enjoy the event. Haha this is where it took off...
  9. pomfish

    I'm gonna do What I'm Gonna do to Ride At Windber

    To Quote the the late , great, Jimmy Hoffa "I'm Gonna Do what I Gotta Do" In this case, I'm gonna rape a Cat 4003 of its fine running HS40 for my CCS Chopper, as the the HS50 that I had planned to run is burning a great amount of oil and is not pulling well. It idles well, just does not pull...
  10. pomfish

    Kick Stand for MTD 10" Wheel bike at Windber

    I need a Kickstand for a MTD 10" spoke wheel bike, the stand is a wire deal like the Rupp Roadsters. If anyone who is coming to Windber would have one, please let me know. Thanks! Keith
  11. pomfish

    We lost the Windber Info

    Hent, The registration forms come up as moved or deleted, both on the Windber event thread and on Windber, PA Mini Bike Reunion 2012 Some people will need that address for GPS. Thanks, Keith
  12. pomfish

    Packing list for Windber, What am I forgetting?

    Here is what I have so far; Tent, Hammer, Chairs, Tables, Helmets, Sleeping Bags, Pillows Grill, Utensils, Shower Gel, Scratcher Toolbox, Mufflers, Chain Breaker 4 gal water, Cokes, Beer, Hot Dogs, Lunch meat,Ketchup,Mustard, Pretzels 1st Aid Kit,Garbage bags,T.P., Styrofoam cups, Tin...
  13. Neck

    Windber bound (maybe)

    So I've got my Astro wheel/sprocket/brake setup all assembled and putting it in the bike so I can measure for the left side spacer deminsion, and I think....maybe I should air up the tire. So I lock down all the axle nuts and reach for the air chuck, plug it on to the valve stem and start...
  14. bigrob

    Windber Project

    Well the bike buildoff is over and I have to keep myself busy to stay out of trouble , sooooooo I thought to myself if you are going to Windber you will need something to ride lol. Any way I picked up a well worn dirt bug , a while back and had a new 7hp 208 cc clone on the shelf so , off I go...
  15. Peekster

    My Windber Ride

    Here is a super bronc I started to restore a couple years ago.Sat in the corner.Got it ready for Windber and told KK I will give him a go with it.Hope he can handle it.:thumbsup:
  16. Clayon

    How many attended Windber last year?

    Does anybody know how many people attended Windber last year? I was jsut wondering. :shrug:
  17. gbones

    help bring EVIL ED to windber

    wouldnt it be great to send donations to bring EVIL ED to windber:thumbsup: so this thread is for that purpose. what ever you can spare even if its a dollar, every bit helps, beleave me i know. alot of members on here donated alot of money for me to attend funday #2 and it was great and i...
  18. x-90 rider

    Windber Minibike Reunion 2012

    Here are the entry forms for this year.
  19. MB165

    brought one home from Windber

    Kids got their first minibike this weekend, thanks Leon:thumbsup:. Steering head says Fantic motor and the back of the seat bronnco, Pirelli tires, 3.5 Tecumseh with clutch band brake. Is it made in italy, or did someone produce them here in the states? Any info on year, proper color, it...
  20. KustomKartKid

    LIVE Report From The Windber Minibike Reunion....

    Your intrepid reporter, KustomKartKid reporting live from the Windber Minibike Reunion....ummmm well ok not really, I'm back at home on the couch :sad:...but what an absolute BLAST we had there today. :smile: For those that couldn't make it or have never been I'll set the scene...first thing...