1. Windber 2015DiggerRight

    Windber 2015DiggerRight

    Windber 2015
  2. Windber 2015Digger

    Windber 2015Digger

    Windber 2015
  3. Windber 2015ChePhilandCindy

    Windber 2015ChePhilandCindy

    Windber 2015
  4. Windber 2015BillandBuckeye

    Windber 2015BillandBuckeye

    Windber 2015
  5. gumpit

    Windber inspired Blue T555 " The Mudslinger "

    Still needs the exhaust and air filter. But I did add the Tires are over inflated. They will probably sit a couple of inches lower when I let the air out. I call it "The Mudslinger" after Windber 2014 when trikes ruled the stomping grounds...
  6. Windber 2015

    Windber 2015

    Windber 2015
  7. Windber 2015

    Windber 2015

    Windber 2015
  8. manchester1

    Windber donations

    Another muddy year at Windber and I think we wrecked the property worse this year than last. Of course it was a great time no matter what.:thumbsup: I'm going to send a donation to the Mihalko family for some grass seed, diesel fuel, etc. It is going to take some labor to fix that farm. If...
  9. bigrob

    What Did You Get In Windber

    I thought it might be fun to see what everyone picked up in Windber I bought 7 engines of diff makes and conditions A folding Fuji go Devil roller , (from Wayne's estate sale) thought it should stay in the OldMiniBikes family Traded my twin engine drag bike for a 1970 Honda Z50ka2 , in good...
  10. Windber 2015

    Windber 2015

    Windber 2015
  11. Windber 2015

    Windber 2015

    Windber 2015
  12. JohnnyTillotson

    MTD Trial Flite roller in PA

    This is nearly identical to mine. If I were going to Windber i'd snatch this. 201369891307
  13. rugerthedog

    OldMiniBikes warehouse

    I want to purchase some parts from OldMiniBikes warehouse and pick them up at the Windber Reunion. Shipping to Canada is expensive. Any suggestions?
  14. jeep2003

    Cat Fur Sale ! New York

    Cat with 5hp tecumseh for sale. Runs and rides good it could use a kill switch other that not bad at all. Pick it up on youre way to Windber! $300. :thumbsup:
  15. smallbikes88

    Bonanza mb200

    selling my bike because my van needs fixed for windber, Its all new, fox lemans racing wheels, new seat, band brake. New 79cc predator engine. Can deliver to windber if paid for in advance. Let me know send a message looking for 500 cash and located in Cleveland ohio. also the tires have...
  16. bigrob

    Arctic cat Ramrod Keystone Coyote

    A good friend of mine and Windber neighbor is looking for parts Coyote triple tree Ramrod exhaust Ramrod belt cover Keystone exhaust Let me know what you got and bring them to Windber Thanks Rob
  17. David wulf

    Let's see your windber rides

    So let's see the bikes y'all are taking to windber for your personal rides and parade rides . Here mine .
  18. Iron Honky

    Sears drover (Evil kneivel edition haha)

    Found this the other day. Figured someone would want it. Looks to be all original except the paint job:doah:. Has a tec 3.5hp motor. Good compression but no spark. Newer tire and rim in front. Looks like it has been sitting in someones barn for a long time. Asking $175obo. No shipping unless you...
  19. Harleys Papa

    Who's Going To Windber

    Lets get a head count :thumbsup:
  20. Harleys Papa

    Who's Going To Windber

    Well I screwed this one up :doah: Some one delete it :doah: