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    Windber 2016
  2. B

    Joe's Minibike Reunion Podcast # 5 w F&B Racing and Evil Ed on Windber Reunion '16!

    Joe's Minibike Reunion Podcast ‪#‎EP05‬ F&B Racing. Joe Sebergandio talks to minibike building brothers Frank and Brian Franquez of F&B Racing about the early days and their current line of performance products and custom minibikes
  3. 1970 indian jx-50. Mm5.italjet

    1970 indian jx-50. Mm5.italjet

    1970 Indian jx-50 running good .going to windber.1971 z50.cheeftah 1400
  4. pomfish

    How many Build Off bikes coming to Windber?

    Would be great to see these machines in person. How many of you will be bringing build off bikes to Windber this year? Thanks Keith
  5. Dr. Shop Teacher

    The Windber Orange Flyer--Courtesy Posting of Rules and Requests by the Milhakos

    A poster had asked about the orange flyer. I've attached it below. Trikes are probably a phone call to Jeff. The rules say no "three wheelers on the grounds," so I guess that's subject to interpretation by the host. If you can't see the flyer (I had to jpeg it as a pdf wouldn't work), pm me with...
  6. MB165

    for sale honda xr100 roller, for local pickup or i can deliver to windber

    hey gang I have a 1987 Honda xr100 rolling chassis for sale. I can bring it to windber. no shipping, local pickup ok too. asking 100 OBO, don't be afraid to make a offer, cash, paypal, bitcoin....must be paid for before I load it up. I also have a point style ignition system for it, flywheel...
  7. Jamie1972

    2016 Windber rides

    Let's see your 2016 Windber parade and campground riders...!!
  8. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Windber Trail Rider: Gilson "Copperhead"

    Got this Gilson from a member a few weeks ago. Been thrashing like crazy to get it ready for Windber. A few pics to give you an idea of what I'm up to....more details to come.
  9. gumpit

    Windber Donations

    Jeff Mihalko does a lot for the hobby and puts on the greatest mini bike event there is. He donates to the local police charity and to his community. The police give us an escort from his property to the parade route and back. Basically they block off the side streets so we can ride on the...
  10. Docdc

    Pin striping at Windber

    Is there anyone here who is going to Windber who is a pin striper or who can do it very well??? I have a frame that I would like to stripe the fenders instead of the common color strip down the center. Thanks!! Doc
  11. chatten63

    2016 Windber raffle bike thoughts

    I have been thinking about this for awhile now. 2 years ago I bought a Arco 3600 series at Windber it is mostly complete missing a few parts. I believe it uses the long chain cover. Not sure on what motor it takes. I know it should be a tecumseh. Seat is taken care of if this happens. The last...
  12. Not so mini bike

    Some light mods for the windber ride.

    I decided to take apart my Rupp roadster to clean to mud off and try and figure out a better carb setup so the air filter wasn't where I need my leg to be. After speaking with a couple members (thanks David and Tim.) I've decided on mikuni carb and intake with some light mods. Hopefully this...
  13. Windber 2015RickRandyandKaren

    Windber 2015RickRandyandKaren

  14. Windber 2015DavidDouglassandShea

    Windber 2015DavidDouglassandShea

  15. Windber 2015lookinaround

    Windber 2015lookinaround

    Windber 2015
  16. Windber 2015RayandChadsson

    Windber 2015RayandChadsson

    Windber 2015
  17. Windber 2015PeekGumpitChattenan63andManchester1

    Windber 2015PeekGumpitChattenan63andManchester1

    Windber 2015
  18. Windber 2015LilIndianandRupp

    Windber 2015LilIndianandRupp

    Windber 2015
  19. Windber 2015KarlandEmily

    Windber 2015KarlandEmily

    Windber 2015
  20. Windber 2015HarleysPapaRandy

    Windber 2015HarleysPapaRandy

    Windber 2015