1. C

    WTB- Crankshaft Drill & Tap Guide

    3/4 version. Purchase or rent as I will never use it after this engine.
  2. Phil1958

    New HSS Drill Bit Set

    Ordered this drill bit set from amazon. i needed larger bits to make knobs for some audio gear, don't ask... they have that chinese look and are supposed to be M2 HSS. they will be used on aluminum stock so hopefully they cut clean. :thumbsup: :chinese: phil
  3. piglet

    Crankshaft drill and tap guide

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has one to sell or knows where to buy one. OldMiniBikes warehouse no longer has them and I have a project on hold till I get one. Any help would awesome thanks.

    Drill Bit Sharpening

    I have been hand sharpening drill bits on my belt sander for years and years. I have been pretty good at it for a long time but that is just it. I am only pretty good... It is a hit or miss deal sometimes. Sometimes I can sharpen one and it will cut like a hot knife through butter. Most of the...
  5. A

    I need to drill and tap crank Briggs 2hp

    my nephews kids have a doodle bug that killed a 97cc and I want to replace it with a 2hp from an old edger but the crankshaft needs to be drilled and tapped. Being the tightwad that I am is this something I can do myself with a hand drill and Harbor Freight tap and die set? I can't even...
  6. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Quality Drill Bits

    I discovered Fastenal the other day when a member shipped a bike using their shipping service. Store was less than a mile from the house and never knew what they stocked. Any way, I went back to because I needed decent drill bits. I've given up on the DeWalts and other brands available at the...
  7. pomfish

    Good deal at Home Depot on Drill Bits

    Just thought I would share this, these are of good quality and the nice thing is they give you multiples of the smaller sizes which are the ones that always snap easy, so it is good to have extras. They make great gifts as well at only $3 for 35 bits. I got 3 to give and 3 for me:) hth HDX Drill...
  8. omahgarsh

    4" scooter wheels on a mini bike ???

    Has anybody used them before ??? Looks like you could use a #35 60 tooth blank sprocket and drill it to fit. Not sure about axle size though. Would a 5/8" axle fit ???
  9. David wulf

    Help!!! Trying to drill a big hole

    Well like it says i'am trying to get 1 3/8 " holes in a powell swingarm . The stock arm is 1 1/2 " X 1/4" flat stock . I have welded steel to it to make it wider to handle the bigger hole . I have tried to 1 3/8 stepped bits , once i get to the 1 1/4 size the bit stops cutting . On the other...
  10. M

    know where to get a sprocket with no drill holes?

    I need a 60 tooth #35 chain sprocket for my pak mule...its the welded on kind with no holes. Any ideas where to find one? Thanks for any help. Mike.
  11. J

    Need a jet number to drill size chart

    Anyone have a Honda jet number size to drill size chart? I've searched on here quite a bit. I see a lot of people say they use a .037 (or whichever) jet size, and other people say they use a 95 jet. The jets I have for my predator are genuine honda jets and I would like to know the drill...
  12. M

    new tooling ? tap and drill kit for cranks

    once again its come up of someone wanting to drill a crank and not having the tooling to do it . im looking at making tap and drill guides for doing cranks . it would have all the stuff needed to do it .... well other then the drill and a tap handle . but a drill guide and tap guide . the tap...
  13. mlanzoni

    Crankshaft removal for drill and tap ??

    I have an older Tec H60 that needs to have the crankshaft center drilled and tapped for a clutch retainer bolt and washer. Does anyone know if the crankshaft would need to be removed for this or can it be drilled while still installed ? Thank you very much.
  14. cumminsbayou

    Ryobi 12v job site drill

    Ryobi 12v job site drill needs a battery can i get 5 dollars for it?
  15. Dee

    Cameron micro drill garage find

    Trying to get a chuck key and belt for this Cameron micro drill model 164*** My dad had this my entire life and i dug it out .. Refurbish time! Any info on these would be great too , motor spins strong , does smell kinda funny though..
  16. turftech 1

    Drill bits for drilling steel

    Hi all, I am doing more and more metal work, but I have yet to find a good way of drilling larger bore holes in steel. I have a 1/2" and a 5/8" bit, but they dull out almost instantly. I sharpen them on my bench grinder, but they just don't hold up. So, what do you use to drill larger...
  17. Newoldstock

    New to me Drill press

    Wow this is a realy bad picture lol.... But its a high speed drill press for doing prescise tiny holes.... This is for carb work lol. Freebie!
  18. P

    I need advise on drill holes in (ARCO) frame

    HI, guys i notice a few holes in this frame, they look like somebody drill them there but i'm not sure. There one on each side of the frame between the two seat brackets ,might be hard to see it in the picture the other is by the rear wheel. My question is if they are orig to the frame what...
  19. Newoldstock

    Micro drill press

    Sad thing about retiring in Florida is once you get there you spend a few years doing what you like, get sick and die... This never sat well with me after my father moved there. But he liked what he was doing and did it into his 70s. Then he did retire.... And he commented to me...
  20. metalhead100

    Drill bit size chart/crossreferance to 1 inch

    Drill Bit Size Chart Drill bit size chart/crossreferance to 1 inch size... Gives you Millimeters/inches/designation(num/letter) tap drill /pilot drill sizes... Handy!