1. mford

    Just finished my Gemni

    1971 Gemini fully restored, I had all the chrome redone, painted it. new tires. Valves were burnt, new seat. much more the logo on the tank is my own idea. Im going to the Windber show I will have it there and my Fox. looking forward to it. Mark
  2. Bigtime575

    Nearly finished with my Son's custom minibike build

    Quick pic of the nearly done progress on my 8 year old son's DB30 project. We have been working this slowly throughout the year together to teach him about engines and bikes in general. Pretty happy with the outcome. Beginning another for his kid brother now too.
  3. H

    Finally finished

    Well, after an entire winter of procrastination and dilly-dallying, I finally finished (?) my Baja Heat (or Warrior....I forget). I used a 212 Predator from good ole Harbor Freight and a torque converter clutch. Other than that, it's pretty much stock. I re-located the fenders for a better...
  4. myjunk

    I finished my winter project! - Rupp Go Joe

    Well, today I finished up my winter project. I am not sure what year Rupp Go Joe this is, I would welcome any insight. You may recall seeing the body parked inside my living room a couple of weeks ago! As you can see there is still plenty of winter to go, but now its on to other projects. I...
  5. OPEtech

    Finally finished my son's Super Bronc

    He insisted on giving it a John Deere theme. Before: After:

    Just finished a 4 year resto on the shop truck

    The old '85 Chevy shop truck got tired and started fouling plugs, the body was covered in primer spots, so we yanked the carbureted 4.3 V6 and dropped in a fresh Vortec 4.3 as well as all the components to make the swap CA legal...which proved to be a nightmare. That and the money black hole it...
  7. Fourstrokefan

    Finished my Mini Bike

    Finally finished my mini bike and love it. It has a 3.5hp Tecumseh engine, and is pretty fast. Also, does any one know the make or model? Here is the video my brother took of me with it when I finished: My Brother`s Mini Bike - YouTube
  8. 07Motorboy

    Finished Kart

    Hey Guys. Finally finished one of my karts with a nice black paint job. Now it looks as good as it rides. Another Finished Go Kart - YouTube Before Paint: My Go Kart - YouTube
  9. 07Motorboy

    Finished My Cat 400x

    Hey everybody. About a week ago, I finished my sears. Now my Cat is 100% done. I really like how it came out.
  10. thebronc4019

    Finished Restoration of my 1959 Nash Metropolitan

    I have not done anything with minibikes in the last 5 years because I was busy with this project. The car was a complete "rustbucket" hence the reason the restoration took me 5 years. Did the entire project except for the rebuild of the engine myself. Fun and unusaul car is a blast to drive.
  11. 07Motorboy

    Finished my Sears/Bird

    Hey everybody. Finally completely finished my Sears. Before, it ran perfect, but didn't look so nice. Now it looks nice and runs perfect. I didn't have a very large budget, but I did my best. I really like it!:smile:
  12. ddmrk

    Bonanza Resto Finished

    just finished my first Bonanza resto here is what I started with
  13. Frank Davis

    Vintage 60's Fox kart just finished

    This is a mid-60's Fox kart that I just finished fixing up......This kart started with mis-matched incorrect wheels, a goofy front porch poorly done, engine mount cobbled on, no bushings in the axle mounts, no box mount(s), toasted floor pan, flat and simple seat pads, no tank, non-working juice...
  14. C

    Yerf dog and Doodlebug finished

    Just finished my sons Doodlebug. Painted Jeep dark green metallic, HF engine, stainless frame plate, and Whizzer headlight. On my Yerf Dog I just removed the stickers and plastic fake gas tank, installed NOS reproduction Whizzer gas tank and stainless frame plate. Now on to my other sons...
  15. trailbronc

    just finished 5hp flatty..what yall think??

    i just finished building this 5hp briggs for a guy here in AL...tore it down, honed it, ported and polished it, completely rebuilt, carb rebuilt too, took apart and wire wheeled all the bolts and screws and other various parts...painted the block burnt orange, couldn't decide on a color for the...
  16. rustymotors

    Almost finished with with my roadster

    Ok it is now 95% done. After 3 months this is how it came out. It started life as a black house painted bike off of Clist I picked up for $300.00. It has been powder coated blue. The nice thing is the only part I had to rechrome was the tank, although the front fender still needs to be replaced...
  17. Mister B

    finished first Fantic Broncco Gokart

    hello everybody i wanted to ask how is selling some good repro Broncco TX5 decals to compleet my ride wfg Bé[ center] View image in gallery[/center]
  18. T

    Taco's new 22 kit "finished"

    I wanted to show OldMiniBikes TACO's new 22 Kit completed. My goal with the new TACO's are to allow kids today to have the same fun we did when we were their age. So, I am sticking with the 22 Chassis but in this model I have a New PREDATOR with the New Taco Manifold Kit installed. I had the Tank Painted...
  19. T

    Finished project: MTD Columbia

    Finally finished this build. It was tough, one thing after another but it's finally done. I know people are going to shun me for what was done to this frame but unfortunately there was no other way. Too many parts were missing and someone already took an angle grinder to the original...
  20. predator bike

    pictures of finished build

    i have a couple pics its done i just had to leave for a race today will have a video of the motor running tomorrow it has 275 lift cam stock carb for now gx160 rod, flwheel and 18cc head ported honda rockers and pushrods has the upraded bolt kit for the valve cover coil side cover and...