1. Sixpac440

    NICE Super Bronc 8HP - $700
  2. Studeman68

    Original Super Bronc Clutch Cover...Nice condition....

    Check it out, wont last long!...... Heald Super Bronc Clutch Cover VT 8 Vintage Mini Bike VT 8 | eBay
  3. B

    Wanted: Complete Cat 300X in nice condition and correct.

    Wanted: Cat 300X in nice condition, complete and correct. No tweaks on forks. Thanks in advance.
  4. pomfish

    Here's the nice Rupp chain guard

    Here she is, watch her soar:) Not mine, wish it was. Rupp Mini Bike Chain Cover | eBay
  5. SimpleTom

    Nice looking trike

    1970's Rupp All Sport Trike Zilla
  6. B

    Nice h40 find yesterday :)

    I've been looking around so I stopped by an old lawn mower shop in my area and they had this sitting on a shelf in the back $40. The petcock was closed with old gas in the tank, drained, cleaned the tank and threw some fresh gas in her and she fired right up and sat there idling:) can anyone...
  7. derekbmn

    ~**Fairbanks Morse Kickstarter NICE !!! (Tecumseh)**~

    A Very Nice Fairbanks Morse Kickstarter for use on Tecumsehs. All original parts. Rubber is nice and soft. $225 SHIPPED !!! Paypal strongly preferred. Thanks in advance :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  8. Not so mini bike

    Nice bonanza

    Let me know if any one wants me to give this a ride to windber.
  9. markus

    Nice Flea project with some neat Goodies!!!!

    Vintage Taco Mini Bike Minibike Original Condition as Purchased in 1975 | eBay Flip the tank around the way is should be, install a 2 stroke, sell off the taco guard and chrome clinton to help offset the cost :drool: Be interesting to see what numbers it pulls considering what some of them...
  10. B

    WTB: Stellar Compact Deluxe mini bike complete or roller in nice condition

    WTB: Stellar Compact Deluxe mini bike complete or roller in nice condition. Must have straight frame and handlebars. Thanks. Please send photos to and price you are asking. Thanks, Greg D Bayside NY
  11. t-royMN

    Golden Pinto - nice! $500

    I've had it for 16 years. Time to let it go to fund my VW project. local pickup in Bloomington, MN. Cash only (PayPal works too). Painted it two years ago. Has an ooooold Briggs 4 or 5 hp engine that runs strong. Scrub brake. Thanks and text 612-598-7847 if interested/with questions.
  12. K

    Very nice cat slingshot in San diego

    Original Cat Mini Bike
  13. K

    Nice bonanza chopper

  14. Taco Loco Joe

    Nice old Tecumseh motor score

    I picked this old mini bike up today from this guy that had it as a kid in 1976. His dad had it in a shed since then and gave back to him. Well he don't want it I do! The Tec Motor looks old. Here's a few pics
  15. cruhr1

    Nice Cat 250

    Minibike "Cat"
  16. Not so mini bike

    Nice motor

    It's looks nice but appears someone is bumping up bids. :out: Tecumseh H35 3 5HP 1970 Mini Bike Engine Rupp Cat Bonanza | eBay
  17. RuppChopperPaul

    WTB nice 12" rupp blackwidow 28 spoke front wheel

    Like the title says i am looking for a nice 12" rupp blackwidow 28 spoke front wheel. Wheel/hub/spokes needs to be excellent/nice/decent...don't care about tire conditon if there is one on the rim. Thanks, Paul
  18. R

    Nice Clean Bonanza

    Craigs List Find pretty Clean Mini bike
  19. T

    Nice CL find

    Think I got lucky. 150 bones for the racing raptor and 150 for the doodlebug. The raptor was built by Turk Bros racing, 14hp on alcohol max 7100 rpm. Good winter project ;)
  20. apekillman

    nice thunderbird