1. JohnnyTillotson

    Dellorto mounting question

    Hey I just got my awesome Dellorto UA19S from the vintage kart estate sale David was over here posting about a few weeks ago. Did anyone else get one? This thing has just got to be NOS, no? It's pristine all over. But I had tried to fit it on a manifold I bought while I was waiting for...
  2. A

    New to the Forums (and bikes) - Need Help With Bike ID

    Hi all! I think I'll be happy I stumbled across this forum, you seem to have a plethora of information here! I was hoping I could get some help identifying this bike. The only distinguishing writing/branding on it is the tires and the throttle. The tires are manufactured by Qing and the...
  3. F

    Badger 100 Plastic Chain Tensioner

    I bought this cheap old Yukon Trail Badger mini-bike a couple Christmases ago for my son and have kept it running despite the fact it is really a cheap poorly manufactured mini-bike. I have finally reached the limit of my mechanical ability (which isn't much) with an issue with the chain...
  4. David wulf

    Looking for a tecumseh gas tank

    I need a tech tank for my HS 50 right hand side fill . A 1970 metal one is preferred but can deal with a plastic one in white and ex condition. This is for my Powell E model .
  5. J

    different lighting coils?

    I have two 70's tecumseh hs40 lighted engines. Both have different lighting coils is there a reason why one is solid cast and the other looks more like a harmonic ballancer with plastic fins.
  6. O

    Home made fenders on the cheap

    Hi Guys, Thought I'd share a little fender tip I have been using, the idea may have already been posted, if not all the better. Although I may not have vintage bike's I am quite resourceful and creative when something needs to get done especially when it's out of the norm so I'll contribute...
  7. R

    ultra high mlcular weght ......

    have extra UHMW plastic if anyone`s in need......
  8. J

    Briggs and Stratton part # help needed.

    I have an old up draft Flo Jet carb from a 3 h.p. Briggs horizontal shaft engine with a broken plastic choke lever. Would anyone have a way to look up this part #? Thanks in advance for any help, John.
  9. Richard W.

    Bird 3 wheeler prepping plastics

    Working on my little Bird 3 wheeler the plastic body and fender look kinda dingy.Anyone had any luck cleaning and painting this kind of plastic?Its just some sort of flimsy plastic. Will vinyl paint or bumper paint work for this?Already painted the frame,forks and wheels etc. (royal...
  10. Scottessey

    WTB: Tec bolts for plastic tank & oil drain plugs

    Hey Fellas, I'm missing a couple of bits for this Tecumseh I'm rebuilding. I could use a couple of screws like the one pictured for the plastic tank. I also need two drain plugs with the square end so I can remove the extension that is shown in the pic. Please, let me know if you have a donor...
  11. jeep2003

    Tecumseh Tank white side fill plastic

    White side fill tank with brackets, heat shield, screws and cap. Tank is yellowed and has some scuffs. $25. shipped
  12. M

    Wanted- NOS Tecumseh black plastic tank

    Looking for a NOS or close to NOS Tecumseh black plastic fuel tank for my mini bike. Side fill. need it to complete my resto. Let me know what you have. Cash awaits. Thank you!
  13. JohnnyTillotson

    Plastic fins/ magnet issue

    Hey yous, I opened up an HS40 last night to say hey to the inside for the first time since picking it up and I found: 1) Two broke off fins of the plastic variety 2) One of the magnets is not glued but simply sticking on with MAGNETIC FORCE! Should I track down a new plastic fin...
  14. Ajf

    Chrome plating rupp plastic headlight bucket

    I have a rupp plastic headlight bucket that needs re-plated. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place that re-chromes plastic and is decently priced? Thanks in advance.
  15. markus

    Fox Campus plastic and harsh abrasives??

    Just received Box 1 of the Fox campus I bought. I need to start removing half assed paint job off the plastic parts. I'm OK with having to paint if nessasary I figure there is bound to be something ugly somewhere under the custom paint. The black is actually almost peeling off in sheets, I...
  16. CarPlayLB

    Tecumseh plastic gas tank

    This is a center fill tank with the H35 bracket on it. This is in good shape. It has a Briggs cap on it...that is all I have! Looking for $15 plus shipping
  17. Ajf

    Rupp plastic headlight bucket

    I'm looking for a nice condition rupp headlight bucket. I believe they were used on 1969 and up. I have one that needs re-chromed if someone wants to trade for my bucket plus cash. If anyone has a good referral for a place that re-chromes plastic that may be an option too. Thanks.
  18. richtrix

    Wanted clear plastic cover for gas cap

    Looking for the clear plastic cover for a Tecumseh fuel gage gas cap...thanks in advance, Richie
  19. thejoker

    Tecumseh plastic tanks

    I have 2 tecumseh tanks for sale. 25 for the one with the bracket.15 for the one without. Pay actual shipping. Thanks for looking Joe 20140428_013150_zps82efc263.jpg Photo by joevalek | Photobucket
  20. markus

    late Tecumseh plastic tank

    later style plastic fuel tank for the small block tecumseh's has the correct mount and will fit on the early style engines as well if you have room for the center fill. This was off a Murray bike tec 3.5 $12 plus shipping